Realize that Your Life’s Outlook Depends On You, Not Only Statistics Please


Focus upon the pure divine potential of your being’s ever gracious wisdom while diligently fulfilling your respective duties in an disciplined/attentive manner; remember, whatever you read, then yet again come across and yet on and further on keep coming across is not so very important if you are actually seeking true growth, for what is happening to you is integrally emanating from within the sacred realms of your pure divine consciousness please.

So kindly do not get dismayed/carried away by some quotes; some statements or some statistical data and bind or distract yourself with the thoughts that oh my God, see my age, now my brain, how will it develop, how much? Stop, Stop and Please Stop, ruminating and echoing some sentimental quotes that you came across; they cannot change or prevent your learning abilities please; rather if you distract yourselves so intensively that there is no room? no space? for any other learning? or doing anything else faithfully and only incessantly worrying about some mysterious conclusions; then you are the one who is actually deterring and deviating from your own true nature’s creative evolution please.

Wake up, life is happening right now, right this very moment also; kindly take complete/total charge and live with utmost responsibility and a sense of commitment/purpose please as well as utmost responsibility at all given times/instances please; take care and all the very best; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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