Change Your Mindset, Settle Your Minds Statement of Charges Please; Respect the Process/Your Divine Principles and Divine Values


Indeed please; since some of us keep changing so many mindsets indiscriminately that it becomes almost enormously taxing for the divine essence of our being true align with the frivolous attitude please.

In actuality/reality your divine essence is not exhausted, overwhelmed or perturbed; rather its our own capacity/capability to adeptly manage and integrate the various processes seamlessly that becomes an phenomenal issue on multiple mysterious instances, since without any clue/inkling whatsoever; just coming across some inspirational statement or attending a seminar or just hearing/seeing something, then frantically rushing to abandon one’s firm mindset that has been serving so loyally and trust-worthily for so many decades; just flipping everything altogether overnight just because of being enamored suddenly with some concept? idea? notion? without ever analyzing? rationalizing? quantifying? reasoning? verifying?

How come please? Just imagine, if your mind were to do the same, then how would you feel please? If it is a meaningful/essential and purposeful change that is focused upon integrating and instilling some authentic, genuine, legitimate and responsible sets of transformations in your lives; then well yes; surely; but if you just keep hop/skip and jump/jumping here, there and everywhere without knowing what you are actually aligning with? without even knowing anything, just blindly venturing out of a fierce sense of passion and persisting to charge through rapidly? But why please? Did you ever actually seriously analyze/rationalize vigilantly please?

Regarding the captioned title, just imagine IF your mind had to impose charges for the innumerable sets of intermittent mysterious changes almost instantaneously, would you be able to afford/bear the cost and pay the legitimate prices please?  Regarding the price, its a matter of realizing that when we pay the price, when we know the integral value and are more alert, purely aware, conscientious and realize what is precisely what, then we will not just keep on incessantly, ignorantly and unknowingly keep changing our mindsets please.

Well yes, its your mind and no one has a right to interfere but here its not about trespassing or venturing into the pure sacredness of your domain and with all due respectfulness; yet again the question is being posed as to what IF you were in the place/position of your mind please? and then have to face enormous sets of mysterious instantaneous changes far too incessantly, then how would you react? respond please?

Well then, please realize that kindly when making the changing of the mindset, kindly ensure that it is elevated/raised and accorded greater respectfulness; dignify it and make it a sacred process and not something that is a plaything or for amusement please.

Your mind is also truly deserving and note worthy of being highly respected please. You respect your heart and your soul as well as your consciousness, so then where your pure mindfulness is concerned, why should this be ignored or relegated any inferior status please?

Carefully realize and seriously understand that the amazing power of your pure mindfulness is truly exponential; far more astounding and tremendously brilliant and magnificently creative please. For it is with your pure mindfulness’s auspiciousness that you have/are able to put so many things in order/instill the divine orderliness that emanates from the sacred realms of your soul’s consciousness.

And when you truly stat earnestly respecting your pure mindfulness as you do/true with your complete divine essence of your being with observance of your pure awareness, your pure focus, your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana as well as your divine principles, your divine values and your divine vision/divine wisdom; then onwards you will notice a perceptible/remarkable different in the way/vein you think; then no longer will any erratic, illusive, delusional sets of deviating mysterious thoughts be able to mislead or make you illusively languish, be pretentiously obnoxious or keep aligning with any wasteful and unintentional activities, endeavors and pursuits please.

Remember, we cannot keep blaming our mind on and on please; our mind will follow as we discipline, as we train it and our mind is not our master and neither are we the masters of our minds; rather we are the mast hear; how we navigate the ship of our mind, with proper directional firm conviction orientated commands full of our pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana will determine how the vessel sails right across this amazing ever gracious evolutionary voyage of our lives please. There truly is so much more than could be expounded upon but elaborating is not the essence of this topic, for when we realize the values; the divine essence of our being; then we will value the realization and all that was, is and will ever be ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


With all Due Respect, No Please; The Heart Speaks/Whispers from the Soul in the Art/Heart of its Pure Silence Please


Indeed, yet again with utmost respectfulness; the heart does not need to verbally express itself when its ever gracious wisdom is able to ever graciously convocate with all of the universe’s creative evolution in its pure stillness; when/vein its always in divine union with our pure consciousness please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi