Tight Rope Walking? But Why Please? The Light Hope Waking/Awakening is Infinitely More Exihilarating/Full of Pure Wisdom


If you walk the tightrope, you are taking enormous risks as well as dangerously putting yourself in some of the most fragile situations whereas with the light hope of your divine virtuousness, it transforms your lives altogether for the far much more better.

With tightrope, perhaps after intense anxious moments; one may be applauded/cheered for a short while; whereas with the precious virtuous light hope, it is being commended for a lifetime and far beyond as well.

Regarding the light hope tattva/principle/element; Its about aligning, nurturing, realizing the divine essence of your life’s ever gracious wisdom enshrined within the pure divine consciousness of each and every cell of your being ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

The Spiritual Soul, Pure Divine Consciousness Can Never Be Cloned Please

cloning-24-728The pure divine consciousness of the soul can never be pre fabricated, pre customized, pro created as a duplication/copy process or as a made to order basis, replicated, cloned or undergo any other such process for sure since it is the ever gracious divine virtuous heritage that transcends any bestowing, carry forward, migration as an agenda based target/package/objective or any such ordering basis whatsoever that is beyond the divine providence of God please.

We must always respect with utmost reverence the divine graciousness of God in our daily lives and since centuries humankind and all of God’s creations have experience/witness the amazing panorama of life’s ever divinely creative evolution that keeps on divinely progressing and orchestrating some of the most magnificent rhythms of the Cosmos.

IF anyone is genuinely interested in seeking true achieve and identify greater scientific accolades, they could actually focus upon finding greater discoveries for treating the epidemic diseases as well as raising the awareness of/and promoting the good health, greater sense of wellness; nourishing those souls who are living in this World who are barely able to obtain one square meal a day; some of them are starving and barely have adequate water; as well as in helping to build more hospitals, schools, educational development/improvement as well as sports centers as well as various others organizations that could help achieve and establish a greater gracious equilibrium of the divine ordinance of life.

God knows what we are intending true do far much more ahead of even when/vein we may have ever envisaged because far much more earlier than we were ever born and completed our earthly sojourn and what’s precisely going to unfold when, the divine wisdom of God is well acquainted and well versed; in fact we must learn true respect and embrace the graciousness of our divine principles, our divine values and our divine wisdom for they have empowered our divine visions remarkably well in being able to lead our ever gracious lives sow fulfillingly, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Peace it, Never Piece it


Realize peace can be compartmentalized true/through pure awareness = but not the irrational way of splitting it into bits and pieces please; Peace remains enshrined within the sacred realms of your being, so when you peace it, its your pure “completeness”; that’s peace as it is; not customized peace that is taken a bit in, split or shredded or bit out please; learn true respective the divine sacredness of your life’s virtues, you will be glad for sure; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Global Recession? Where’s/When’s Your Focus? The Reasons? Seasons? See Shine?


Its vein’s/weigh in your pure focus, for as your core insight determines; so/sow/soar your on sightfulness will be germinate.

Since several centuries the divine principle of our creative evolution seeks for us true awaken to the divine potential of our being so that we could be able to adeptly, calmly, compassionately, intelligently, ingeniously, graciously, gratuitously, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, vigilantly and wisely yield the amazing dividends in accordance with our meritorious deeds that are pure awareness and pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana orientated; however if we seek to look otherwise and ignore the ever divine gracious wisdom of our sacred being’s creative intelligence, well then some of us will unfortunately due to our egoistical tendencies fervently keep clinging onto more and more of fear? despair? desperation? lack of confidence? lack of goodwill? lack of observance of our divine purpose, divine values, divine vision, divine principles and divine wisdom?  and so on and sow forth where the virtuous and the divine morality of our lives is concerned; that IF we keep intending to deviate from conformance to the divinance of our lives irrefutability that has been cascadingly unfolding across the centuries; then well, the sets of tendencies that we are embracing will keep on emerging and appearing manifold in our lives over and over again; so its our divinely intelligent choices that the sacred wisdom of our heart’s profound insight knows very well, which yearns for us true focus upon fulfilling our respective duties in a divinely ordained manner instead of trying to rush through? rash through? and brashly brush through everything  with a frustrating temperament? anxiousness? ignorant and panic mode of approach? but why please?

Don’t get carried away for every aspect of our creative evolution seeks true provide us a glimpse of its prevalence; now, whether we seek to/true determinably, devotionally and disciplinarily live our divine values, live our divine light and live our divine wisdom will all be precipitated by the core focus that’s emanating deep from within the sacred consciousness’s insight which we are either permitting to/true radiate? or impersonating it with our egoistical duality? it cannot be possible to/true duplicate the divine gracious wisdom of our being please; There’s so/sow much=match more where our daily lives is concerned and the divine core aspect is only the integral root that remains enshrined as a moral compass, for it evokes our conscientious awareness true tread the pathways of our lives with/in a manner of pure awareness and enlightening the other varied aspects of our being’s disciplines in a likewise devoted manner of pure meticulous divine values orientated consonance ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

As/When Possible? Its Has “Vein” Plausible; The Divine Infinitude of our Gracious Veins Sacred Possibilities


Indeed, the pure divine sacred auspiciousness of our veins integrally embody an profound wisdom that needs true be reverentially aligned with through being its divine light of life in all that we think, seek, intend, do and aspire/desire with the completeness of our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality as well as our pure awareness, our pure conscientiousness, our pure focus, our pure mindfulness and our pure divine principles, our pure divine values along with our pure divine wisdom ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Money, Unless You Deliver its Value’s Value; You Will Not Be Able To Truly Value its Deliverance


Realize the values, value the realization; every aspect of evolution seeks true unfold in precise harmonious rhythm with the meritoriousness of your divine being’s ever gracious wisdom; ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Gazing at the Divine Stars? The Divinity Stares Back With Reverential Grace;But there’s More to/true/beyond that Please

Billions of Hours & Across the Centuries, Gazing at the Stars? What Result=Awe, Fascination and a Sense of Wonder, But there’s More to/true/beyond that Please

outer space stars cosmos nebulae 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_90

Indeed, there’s far much more further whether now or across the several thousands of years and centuries ahead for us to/true “grace” and not just gaze; for with “grace” we realize that the eclipse of each and every moment cosmically emanates from the divine essence of our being’s sacredness and conformance to/true the divine principles, the divine values, the divine vision and the divine wisdom of our ever gracious being.

For there’s a complete world of difference whenever, whatever, where ever what is curiously, fascinatingly, enthusiastically, curiously and passionately gazed upon; when that very precise pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana is permeated=suffused with its pure divine grace that remarkably flows true/through our vein’s vision; the divine graciousness of the stars heavenliness within us and all around the universe as well as the cosmic/spatial realms celebrate our perception as its cosmic vision of being; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Why Focus Only on What are We Teaching Our Children Please?


Why not also integrally focus upon what are we truly practicing in our lives please? We can never actually teach effectively/thoroughly unless we ourselves are the shining living embodiment/example of the enshrined values of our creative evolution’s divine wisdom please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

CelliGen(e)ce; Be, Read, Lead, Speak to=true=through the Cosmic Science of Our Prana Shakti’s Shuddh Bhavana=Our Divine Light’s Pure Intentionalized Sacred Energy Potential


The divine consciousness of our pure sacred cells nourish the sacred evolution of our being when we focus upon the divine virtuous acceptance of our life’s primordial purposefulness.

Every breath reveals its infinite treasure of the remarkable wisdom of our prana shakti=life force energy that is amazingly able to communicate in its own unique way/vein; as well as provide us with the precious opportunities to further elevate and expand our higher consciousness to/true more spectacular dimensions of the divine light’s wisdom enshrined within the sacred realms of our souls to/true further permeate, integrate and suffuse the divinance of our being with its ever gracious/blossoming impetus of our life’s divine conscientiousness’s ever empowering/meaningful wisdom.

Its the virtue of the “divine acceptance”; for when we realize that all our lives, the science of our prana shakti=pure divine life force energy seeks for us true embrace its divine acceptance for it to/true be able to further unfold the greater/gracious level of realization/understanding of the grand scheme of convocating with=in the divine light as its divine vision along with the auspices of our ever divine gracious wisdom to/true be able to exponentially create greater avenues that could help establish an calm/equipoised/serene consonance in the lifetime of every one of God’s creations.

It begins with us, for when/vein we are being; for when/vein we are reading; for when/vein are leading and for when/vein we are speaking to=true=through the auspices of the divine light’s energy; its not the actual/virtual mode of verbal communications; rather it is the cosmic integral passage of convocation where with our individual consciousness’s expansion; its able to in its pure silence/stillness gently convocate with its collective consciousness; with its cosmic consciousness; with its universal consciousness as well with its divine essence of consciousness as one single dimension that is encapsulating the prism of the multi dimensional layers of the pure sacred light’s wisdom.

What all that speech convocates is deciphered and revealed to/true us when we are able to/true attain; by making ourselves worthy of its sacred covetousness, for like ever other examination, this evaluation is precisely merit oriented; however here, in the mere fraction of timelessness and nothingness; the divine sparkling wealth of the sacred gracious wisdom flows true/through the consonance of our being; empowering our divine vision with its divine wisdom to/true be able to awaken to far greater/gracious revelations that could help us realize that heaven is enshrined within the pure sacredness of our hearts and that we are all needing to/true awaken this divine potential wisdom to/true be able to avail its divination’s commandments whereby we could precisely play the part/path that had been divinely ordained for us when we sought to/true be born in this ever gracious Universe.

Yet again, this is only a minuscule part/path; since the divine gracious wealth of wisdom that embodies/encompasses cannot be just casually written about, discussed or spoken about; its the pure sacredness that we will be able to/true experience when we yearn true devotionally strive true/through the auspices of our pure awareness, our pure conscientiousness, our pure focus, our pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana, our pure mindfulness as well as with observance/prevalence of our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision and our divine wisdom to/true keep enhancing the scope/periscope of our divine wisdom’s exponentiality as its ever disciplined bhakt=student; where there is no ego, rather there is the we grow attitude; where there is no separateness; its then that we are sharing the cosmic breath of life with the Universe and further eavesdropping on its sacred conversations of the divine light of our creative evolution and marching/matching with its integral pulse/impulse ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely to/true embrace the divine renaissance of our soulful creative evolution consonantly; remember/realize/cherish and ever graciously/gratuitously align with the divine essence of your prana shakti’s=pure pure life force energies divine wealth of its ever gracious wisdom that yet again remember convocates to/true the medium/passage of its divine light; so when you are able to/true be; to/true read; to/true lead; to/true speak to/true/through its divine auspiciousness’s spark of its divine sacred light, in the pure silence of your heart’s wisdom you experience a profound sense of pure joyfulness that is immensely exhilarated to/true be alive to/true the divine light of life as its light’s divine essence ever sow gratuitously, morally, purposefully, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Hari Om Tat Sat; SatChitAnanda; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi