Satellites, Set Our Lights; From Digital Signals to Our Dignified Divine Sacro Nuance’s

The Ever Gracious Kundalini Shakti=Divine/Sacred Life Force Energies of Our Pure Divine Potential

DNA molecule
DNA molecule is located in front of a colored background. abstract collage


Kundalini Shakti refers to auspiciously pure divine potential of the the sacred gracious dimensions of sanctified spiritual energies that flow within their divine realms of our highest consciousness and amazingly transcend across their strategic pure divine energetic zones enshrined within our divine selves. Sacro refers to sacrum which intends true refer to the holy bone; the base of our spine. amazingly the kundalini shakti; the pure divine life force energies is located likewise at the based of our spine as well.

Like the satellites send across their signals; let us likewise realize the pure divine potential of our creative evolutionary competence in seeking true beam across our sacro nuances to nourish and replenish our Universe with the ever gracious wisdom of our divine heritage; we may be coming from diversified cultures with rich traditions and different sets of practices but at the level of the sacred hearts pureness; we are one in its exponential evolution; so when we seek true gratuitously contribute our meaningful efforts/initiatives towards resonating its ever glorious consonance, what we experience in our lives all across the World is a greater sense of oneness, ever gracious flow of wisdom flowing through our veins; evoking our conscientious awareness true keep growing/glowing in the gratuitous gracious wisdom of our true nature’s divinance ever sow  ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; .Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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