Understanding the “Gaps” Between the Knowing and Doing; Authentically, Genuinely and Legitimately Realizing Your Life’s Purposefulness

Carefully Understand Please that in Life Everything Observes/Follows a Disciplined Process

You Cannot Simply State/Overstate or Keep Speculating and Trying to Challenge or Change/Transform Life’s Methodology/Process Just Because You Don’t Feel? Like it? or Have a Lack of Complete/Proper Understanding Please

IF Somethings are Not Clear, Not Understandable, Then Earnestly Take the Meaningful/Responsible Initiatives/Efforts to Seek the Professionally Qualified Guidance/Assistance/Help Since IF You Might Just Keep Gaping Into Your Mind and Then Experiencing or Speculating or Belittling or Getting Confused or Getting Carried Away? Or for that Matter, Just Going Through the Processes of Your Life in an Dis Interested Manner; Full of Resentment? Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Jealousy? Bitterness? Suppressed Emotional States of Being/Mind? and So on and Sow Forth….

The Point is that Perhaps You May Not Have Undestood? or Do Not Know How to “Define” Precisely What it is that You are Experiencing Challengingly? Meaning that there is/are Something’s that Leave You Feeling Anxious? Worried? Deeply Concerned and Fraught with Enormous Stress? It Can be Different States of Being/Mind, but What it is, You will Need “True” Identify, Since IF You Don’t Know Your Ownself Well Enough? IF You do Not Take Genuine Interest in Your Life’s Priorities, then How can Anyone, even God be able to Understand You and Help You Please?

Yet Again, Please Understand it is not About Who is Brighter/Cleverer/Smarter/Richer/Wealthier or Wiser, but Humbly About Who “Genuinely” takes Greater Real Interest in their Lives Very Most Passionately and Responsibly with the Highest Degree of the Strictest Discipline and Pure Awareness is Who is/are Able to Identify the Greater/Gracious Scopes of Possibilities that they Could Better Manage/Better Work With Please

This is not about Trying to Educate You, But Humbly about Requesting You “True” Seriously Focus on What it is?? “Define” What it is that You are Facing? that You Wish True Improve? that You Wish True Develop in Your Lives Please?

Just Speaking Anyhow with Deep Anger, Frustration, Victim hood and Self Pitying Type of Approach? or Likewise Trying to Intensify and Blow Out of Proportion Matters Just to Gain Attention? and so on and sow forth; Minding the Gap is about Prioritizing and Being Self Disciplined, that No Matter Who is Supervising You or Not, You Do/You True Your Very Best and Finest and Most Reliable Manner Always, for God is Always Aware of Whatever it is that You are Doing, so Please never Fool Yourself or Others Because Life Responds to Your Outlook, to Your Beliefs, to Your Convictions, to your Pulses/Impulses and So Many More Aspects/Factors; But the Point is that Life is Absolutely Authentic, Genuine, Legitimate and Real, So When You Truly Live Your Life, You will Notice the Considerable Differences that Unfold, the Fulfillment that You Experience by Living Purposefully and with Utmost Pure Awareness and the Greatest Vigilant Sense/Essene of Responsibility Please



How well informed are we where it concerns the lives we are living please? We should seek to take keen interest and always live with pure awareness for its not that only when we have to face some situations that we are getting ready to better understand and better resolve.

Its about essentially making time for the things that truly matter in your lives please and thereby taking greater purely keen interest in the evolution of your lives please; not getting carried away with networking/socializing or other commitments so much so that what actually needs to be done, needs “true” be done and not just carrying forward or postponing incessantly please.

Remember your life has prioritized its each and every aspect especially for you and its you, not someone else that can be able to fulfill the respective obligations in an purely disciplined manner please. Meaning each and every one of us have been entrusted with certain responsibilities and just by ignorantly looking away, the essence of the relevant responsibilities will not diminish or get self resolved please; what needs true be done exemplifies the strategic importance of minding the gaps of time that what you remember today and keep prioritizing today might perhaps not appear as urgent and as important as it did yesterday or more before; so don’t let that attitude of oh we will see later? never mind? who cares to seep in please.

Rather, we should always seek true pro actively focus upon strategizing and resourcefully utilizing each and every moment of our lives in the pure growth of awareness and wisdom please; for the better equipped, the more well informed and the more well versed we are; the more better our decisions and results please; take care, be well; always seek true ensure observance/prevalence of your pure awareness, of your pure conscientiousness, of your pure focus, of your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and of your pure mindfulness in all thoughts and deeds that embody your divine values, your divine principles=tattvas/elements as well as your divine visions ever graciously divine wisdom, ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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