Narasimha Jayanti, Celebrating Lord Narayana’s Divine Heritage of the Priceless Treasured Values of Our Sacred Virtuous Wisdom

Nar has Sima, Narayan has Sampati, Hari Om Namo Narayana Narayani


Today is being celebrated as the festival of Narasimha Jayanti; Lord Narasimha is the divine incarnation of Lord Krishna/ Lord Narayana/Lord Vishnu respectively.

Nar/Nara/Nari’s translation refers to Humanity, while Sima refers to Limits/Thresholds and Narayana respectfully refers to the crowning sacred gracious abode/dwelling/realm of all the creative brilliantly intelligent magnificence of all of life’s glorious evolution. Sampati refers to the treasured legacy. Jayanti refers to the festival/celebrations.

Nar has Sima, Narayan has Sampati; therefore rephrasing the captioned with utmost respectfulness and its essence/interpretation in our daily lives; its as follows.

Narasimha Jayanti; Nar=Humanity has Sima=Limits; Simha refers to Lion; here it exemplifies the virtuousness of our pure divine courageously prudent vigilant wisdom.

Narayan has Sampati=The Divine Grace of God enshrines the very greatest wealth of the Universe. The pureness of the virtue of our divine joyfulness has sampati, the ever sacred legacy of our pure divine consciousness’s ever gracious wisdom.

Jayanti = Jaya is the victoriourness of the pure divine joyfulness enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature. When/Vein we experience the divine essence of our trueselves, we will realize the pure completeness, totality and wonderfulness of our ever graciously creative evolution ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Om Namo Narayana Narayani; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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