Heavenly Attitude? Haven=ly Altitude? Seek to/true Align With the Sacred Essence of Your Pure Divine Consciousness

Heaven on Earth True/Through the Divine Gracious Essence of Our Soul’s Solar Pure Divine Consciousness


In Heaven we wear. On Earth, our we? are we? we are? we our? we hour/hour we? Its the ever gracious sacred wisdom of our pure divine consciousness which whether in Heaven or upon our Earthly realm, always remains equanimous.

That pure calm poise, that ever gracious serenity, stillness and remarkable grace all emanates from its epi center which is our pure divine consciousness’s ever gracious wisdom.

So whenever/vein ever; realize the sacred essence of your pure divine consciousness; for it has been with, it is being with you and it will always be with you; remember to always express your cosmic gratitude for its guidance, its observance and its prevalence in the ever gracious creative evolution of your soulfulness ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi



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