Formality? Nicety? How about Your Safety and Wellbeing Please?

Observe Traffic Rules Whether as a Pedestrian or even as the Driver of any Vehicle Please

Don’t Just be So Focused on the Formality Factor and Customary Greetings that You Overlook Your Own and Other’s Safety and Well Being Please

1545Watch where you’re going, its better than any greeting; for others may excuse and forgive you, but what happens will remain with you for a lifetime; so be wise, does not matter if you could not bid adieu/say goodbye, for  at the beginning, in between and end of any given day, its not just about the nicety of life, its the bare reality, the authenticity, the ingenuity, the sincerity and the wonderfulness of life’s goodness and well-being that counts/matters; all the politeness can never restore any broken limbs please (kindly excuse the harsh reminder – but the reality is if you fall in a drain hole or a car over runs you, whose fault would it be please?)

Its your responsibility true notice that life is now it is; meaning that don’t ever get carried away whether in any process of life even when indulging with the selfie syndrome; enjoy, but realize and ever vigilantly be watchful of what it is that you are precisely doing/trying for when/vein something happens, it happens and cannot just be undone like using an eraser as we did at school; here its the integral reality of your life and not just another page that you could simply flip/tear/crumple and throw away please; be good, but that does not mean be so good that in your politeness you ignorantly put yourself in danger; what come first, what comes second, what comes third, what comes fourth…… and so on and sow forth is your safety and well being, not just the observance of formalities and nicety please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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