So many years?

Realize and Worship the Pure Divine Sacredness of all of God’s Creations Including the Image of God that’s Enshrined Within Your Soul/Solar Consciousness

24570_d_largeIt is “sow” many years; strive true be earnestly resourceful, whether it be things, whether it be thinks,. whether it be even your emotions and feelings; whether it be whatever work you have been assigned with=remember work/duties that are not harming others or yourself, expect of course where you serve your country in defending its territorial integrity; realize the pure divine potential of what’s already here/already there first of all and then with your pure awareness utilize it with utmost diligence, dignity, prudence, tenacity and wisdom. The essence/point is that when/vein we realize the true value of all that God’s has bestowed/endowed us with, we will be amazed true realize that its all a matter of being contributive back to our Planet; to Mother Earth; to our Environment; to our Oceans, to our Ecology, to our Divine Heritage, gratuitously thanking our Ancestors for their remarkable efforts/initiatives and then authentically, earnestly, genuinely, legitimately and resourcefully striving to fulfill our pure divine potential for the creative evolution of our lives meritoriously evolves and there is indeed a divine ordinance that seeks for us true live in divine conformance with all of God’s creations, not as our egoistical consciousness perceives, but rather as our soulful consciousness envisions through the auspices of our ever graciously divine wisdom.

For what going true be there de=pends integrally on what growing true be (t)here authentically, genuinely, legitimately, responsibly, resourcefully, tenaciously and wisely; Realize the pivotal importance of what’s already (t)here in your lives; learn true be appreciative and grateful,  dignify and elevate the various aspects in your lives to a pedestal of the divine light; whatever it is, seek true reverentially respect it with your soulful consciousness for when you need it and its (t)here, then you will realize that you had been bestowed/endowed with it in the first place virtuously in order true learn how “true” grow in experiencing your ever greater/gracious growth in grace and wisdom and from there onwards attain a more ingenious essence of all of your creative evolutionary process; don’t think that whatever is (t)here can be treated anyhow; in any manner; seek true learn the respectfulness of creation in order true be ever gratuitously beaming the divine essence of the cosmic resonance of proudly contributing back as well to the cosmos as its heart of life; cherish your divine heritage with each and every breath and realize true live ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; never squander/waster what you have, realize and conservatively strive ahead true adapt/adapt constructive/meaningful behaviors/habits and let your soul shine ever sow radiantly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi