#NetNeutrality iN=Formation, Shedding the Transcience, Embracing the Evolutionary Transcendence of Our Pure Awareness


Life defines what’s enshrined when we perceive true/through the auspices of our pure divine awareness and are thereby able to reach across and communicate/legitimately share information in a fair/just manner that is able to enrich the plateaus of our exponential evolutionary transcendence in being better equipped with our everyday living ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly, wisely and well informatively; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Adam and Eve, Nurturing the Sacred Seeds of Our Pure Divine Potential

The Falling Apple; The Forbidden Fruit; The Gender that We Engender; Its the Sacred Seeds that Enshrine the Divine Oneness of our Cosmic/Soul/Solar Consciousness

With All Due Respectfulness, Its the “Seeds” of Our “Pure Divine Awareness”





Germinating beans seeds


sunflower plant sprouts



Every aspect of our creative evolution emanates and is sustainably nourished right from its core values that germinated it.

So whenever=vein-ever, cherish your divine heritage and be truly grateful in focusing on neither the reasons or the seasons but the authenticity, the genuineness, the integrity and the legitimacy for your true nature is always yearning for your pure divine acceptance of your ownself.

Thereby, when/vein you realize the incredibly amazing and pivotal significance of your roots; your cardinal truth; you blossom true/through the auspices of your pure divine consciousness’s awareness potential.

And obviously, further ahead, you decipher and comprehend some of the most amazing facets/phases of your lifetime, the evolution of the Universe as well as the greater/gracious significance and purposefulness; the moral oath and sacred tattvas=principles+divine values that you have been created true “fulfill”.

The apple fell several centuries ago, but what did you learn from its falling please? That’s when the original sin occurred, but in between all and all else, from there until now and even right from this very present moment to the several glorious centuries ahead; it was, it is and it will always be the “seed”; indeed the seed then contained the divine gracious wisdom, which without having to eat could have nourished because of its divine emoluments. Its about preserving our divine values and nurturing the divine calm passionate nature that enshrined within the sacred realms of our soul’s consciousness; for the seed/the seeds remain enshrined, evoking our conscientiousness awareness true experience our evolutionary growth in divine graciousness and divine wisdom. Its not just about eating, rather its about earnestly entreating; yes; the divine grace accommodates and facilitates, creates sow many passages for us true express ourselves true/throughout our lifetime, what are we doing/truing with the preciousness of the sacred minutes = each and every minute of our lives is truly precious and extremely sacred please; do not waste it in just idle gossip or forwarding any and very other information that is just about gossip or any negative emotional outbursts or any negative emotional tendencies, for we have been having a higher purposefulness attributed to our lives and if we keep deviating from our divine goals and divine purposefulness of our creative evolution and keep trying to mis lead others by discriminating, then we are actually depleting the reservoir of our own pure divine potential for we are not honoring the sacredness of our birth, of being born/borne true life.Carefully realize, that our Universe and all of God’s creations are meritoriously orientated, meaning that vein/when we authentically, genuinely and legitimately fulfill our respective commitments, duties, due ties and responsibilities in an divinely ordained manner; only then can we be ever considered  or conferred with the subsequent advent privileges in order true be further entrusted with what’s more trustworthier, because having proven our impeccable credentials, we show true the divinance enshrined within us, that we are worthy of the divine trust entrusted upon our goodselves;  which means that thereby, we will yet yield more and more of what’s goodwill orientated and experience an amazing harmoniousness; an wonderful sense/essence of the strategic balance in our lives; the equilibrium that’s truly incomparable for with divine grace comes/calms forth the graciousness of the divine essence of our lives that ever radiantly blossoms and keeps nurturing/nourishing our pure divine potential ever sow conscientiously.

Its the same with our lives; that when our breath rises and falls; in the falling our breath reaches some of the innermost crevices of our beings sacredness; in that falling, vein.when we are focusing during our meditation with pure awareness, its the fulfillment in that falling, because with our breath we don’t expect, we gratuitously acknowledge the pure divine acceptance of God’s divine grace that nurtures our pure divine potential when we practice righteousness and ensure observance/prevalence of our shuddh bhavana=pure intentional awareness in all our thoughts/deeds.

Likewise, vein/when with our pure focus, whenever with the grace of our pure divine acceptance we realize that its the sacred seeds of our birth that we are carrying all along; but with our pure awareness, we start caring all along sow much more. It means and defines that we start rejoicing at being truly alive, we speak true the cells of our consciousness and infuse each and every cell, tissue, divya prana shakti=pure life force energy with its amazing nourishment that it brought us back by circumabulating like th breath itself, meaning that we are purely devoted with whatever it is like the seed was, is and will ever be.

There’s so much more to this that is just coming forth from the grace of the divine wisdom and each of us will be able to realize for our ownselves which is why i am not elaborating/expounding; since each and every one of us needs true strive and experience our true nature, our true self and our divine essence to realize the divine wonderfulness and the divine purposefulness for which we have incarnated and thereby utilize each ad every moment of our lives in honoring the divine essence of the sacred seeds that always  have, that always are and that always will creatively evolve in pristine conformance with the divine ordinance of life; cherish your divine heritage and realize your pure divine potential, it enshrines some of the most amazing revelations that will transform the way/the vein of your complete evolution; you will cherish every moment of your life and celebrating the divine graciousness of your being as the sacred seeds with you yearn for your divine embrace of God’s sacred breath of life ever sow ingeniously, morally, righteously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi