God’s Children? Children’s God? Pure Divine Faith

i-am-a-child-of-god-5x7Indeed, some of us keep living our lives promisingly as God’s children true/throughout our lives while some others quite mysteriously/strangely keep on berating/belittling/scolding and tarnishing our divine credential by going on judging our own-selves and others in an unfair discriminatory manner?

The captioned title refers to God children, which we truly are and then it also refers to children’s God;indeed God is our divine Father and we a proud to proclaim and live our lives in an divinely ordained manner; however, when we get caught/fraught and elusively challenging the very divine essence of our being by incriminating and supposing all the worst possible? embracing the lack of self esteem attitude/belief? nurturing negative emotional tendencies and self pitying and constantly wailing and going on dramatizing each and every sequence of our lives in an unfair manner? but why please?

Our pure divine faith always equips us with its divine gracious wisdom; but then if we intend to deliberately shun all the pure goodness and deviate from the conventional ethical norms/guidelines of our lives; then who is to blame please?

For God did everything and keeps doing/truing everything precisely and perfectly well; but then we on our parts/paths need to earnestly fulfill our duties/due ties in an divinely ordained manner and preserve the pure goodness of our divine faithfulness and living our divine light/being purposeful to/true our higher calling/purposefulness of our lives; its about the meritoriousness that our soul yearns for us true tread upon and  true fulfill it from within itself.

Its not about telling a story or any fairy tale; rather its the pure divine essence of our lives which exemplifies the living of our divine ordinance in an divinely ordained manner and experiencing the divine essence of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence for we were the children of God and we remain children of God all our lives=meaning that reverential respectfulness is forever the same, with each and every breath utmost thankful to God for all that was, is and will ever be and then with our evolutionary growth in divine graciousness and divine wisdom, its about our pure divine faith’s faithfulness that makes us realize the completeness of our pure divine heritage, whereby our soul shines what’s enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature ever sow gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; what was all this about? It was, is and will also be about our divine acceptance and our divine attitude of life, for God, we have always been God’s children and despite being sow much more creative, intelligent, passionate and wealthier; at heart we remain humbly the wealthiest for enshrined within the soul of our hearts is the divine grace of God’s graciousness that always look upto God with utmost respectfulness and adoration; for God has, is and will always be our Parent during this and every lifetime; so be it, so be it, sow be it; it refers true being true to our faith of letting our soulful consciousness of our pure divine consciousness=shuddh bhavana shine right/light true and through ever sow gloriously/infinitely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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