Amrita Kalash=Ambrosia=Pure Divine Nectar; Pictures and Pitchers? Its Your Choice; True Fulfillment


The essence of the above few words is/are not intending to awaken, to make aware or to propagate any information other than one aspect, which is the realization of our “core divine values”=that’s it; for, from that each and every one of us remains devoted true whatever we do; our life itself becomes our worship. Within us seeks to refer to the true divine respect of the sacred sanctity of our soulful consciousness.

Like the above quotation refers to investment of time; that same time=any frame=space of time if meaningfully focused upon doing what needs true be done will bring us far greater results/joy/satisfaction than we may have ever realized; its not about being famous or richer; its about the true divine wealthiness of replenishing our lives with its most needed purposeful living; well, to each and every one; depending upon how they take it, it may sound quite different/unusual since they might feel they know better and its their time and that when time will come, they will do what needs to be done?

Well that time comes and goes, and then we realize how instrumentally importance the discipline of our lives disciplines truly is and then we try to catch up with some of our life’s most precious moments and bring a greater meaningfulness into our lives; but the time keeps eluding us as we kept illusively wandering? when it was time? So that’s why, first of all ensure true live with pure discipline and pure devotion and for sure with pure awareness, with pure conscientiousness, with pure focus, with pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and your pure mindfulness; from there onwards, as you keep experiencing what you experience with a greater realization and fulfilling moments of our lives; then you will meritoriously strive and keep progressing ahead with even more wonderful sets of realizations and then its not your mindset that determines whatever; it is you, your soulful consciousness that rhyth(er)m(in)es far much more by fair match most.


Remember that its no magic, its no miracle; its always “meritoriousness”; for every aspect of our lives, whether its our aims, our time management, our purposeful living and so on and sow forth; everything is absolutely meritoriously orientated; so when we truly fulfill our respective duties/due ties/our pure divine potentialities; we will thereby likewise avail precisely in accordance with our good willed meritoriously orientated sets of conferments/divine ordainment’s that are truly priceless and cannot compare to any other attainments.


Amrita refers to the pure divine nectar=the samudra manthan=the ambrosia=the heavenly nectar that nourishes the pure divine consciousness of our creative evolutionary soulful transcendence.

Now lets seek true better realize in order true be better realized; lets take the example of pictures; we come across several thousand=in fact infinite number of pictures/visuals and experience a sense of joy that fills us when we perceive/reflect upon them.

Well then, with all due respect; while being quite well aware of the greatness of the perception and the creativeness of our intellectual faculties; there is also the pitcher; which in different religions is referred to with/by different names; but its one and the same, which is the pitcher of our pure divine nectar of life; its where our divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies attains its divine essence of its shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all that we aspire and yearn true attain/realize ever sow exponentially.

When meditating everyday, we can take a few precious moments to introspectively reflect upon this pitcher which remains enshrined within the sacred/sanctified realms of our soulful consciousness and then with utmost reverence/respectfulness let its divine graciousness flow through the divine essence of our veins; of the cells of our consciousness; to permeate and suffuse the sacred essence of our tissues as well as sanctify the clarified perception that we always behold of our primordial objectives.

This is not a fancy rhyming or picture versus pitcher to draw the attention but humbly about seeking true focus upon the attainment/the attain shine; for as we each experience our evolutionary growth in divine graciousness and divine wisdom; then at each and every step of our lives; we will be able to experience a greater/profound awakening and expanded conscientious realization of various aspects of our lives; whereby we would be able to perceive/see right/light true and through.

Why do we need to enhance the scope of our perception some might seek to curiously know; well its for how we learned about how to live our lives, well with this perception, we realize how “true live our light”; its the divine light of life which enshrines nothing mystical or mysterious; nothing sensational or scandalous or enticing or aimlessly wandering; but solely about enabling us true experience our true nature; our trueselves and our divine essence; for with that orderliness being awakened to/that pure awareness being realized; all other authorizations that relate to our soulful fulfillment; meaning that deep yearning; that felicitous contentment where nothing compares true you but everythink compere true you/yours; so then with that ascended state of realization; its being attuned/aligned with the cosmic intelligence; now why this, some others may contend? Well this and sow much more is about matching our pure divine energies/frequencies; remember that everything evolves in precise/specific accordance with its divine ordinance regardless of whether we seek to accept it or not.

So to summarize and put it in one sentence/sentience; its vein/when we are fulfilling our roles/goals and celebrating our achievements; there remains a certain part that we come back to seeking that greater sustained joyfulness; its like there is something that we want to experience; that greater sense of awareness we seek whereby we are able to meaningfully transcend across each and every moment of our lives; so its not any ecstatic conferment or ordainment that we attain by the amrita kalash=the pure divine nectar; but its about the deep essence of fulfillment of our “pure divine worthiness” which cannot be merely described/conveyed/explained/put into words for its worth=its worthiness cannot be translated or merely paraphrased; its devotionally attending to our worldly duties/due ties as well as evotionally/evolutionarily (remember not emotionally-its about evolution) experiencing our pure completeness, totality and wholeness from where onwards we further embark each true identify the greater definition of what we seek true attain right/light across this lifetime as well as the time of our lives; there are no awards, there are no rewards, there are no incentives; there are no acknowledgments; there is no fame; there is no graduation and so on and sow forth; all that it is the “pure joyfulness/pure worthiness” and yet further there onwards its more and more of the divine gracious realization of the amazing wealth of the divine wisdom’s revelation enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our trueselves and of our divine essence that we will meritoriously experience for each our ownselves as we strive true replenish our essence of celebrating our pure divine nature’s awareness of being true life as our life’s true being in the soulful creative evolution of blossoming forth our divine light of life that preciously enshrines God’s breath of life as well; so this means that we must revere/respect each and every that breath we take and breathe consciously/conscientiously; likewise, since we have been created by God; we must introspectively reflect and intuitively glance upon each and every cell of our consciousness/being and gratuitously express our profound gratitude/thankfulness at being able true experience the divine graciousness of God in our lives with each and every divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energy ever sow conscientiously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely;  Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi