Pack Aims (s)o(w)n, Nurturing the Divine Essence of the Core Values of our Precious Moments/Pure Divine Potential




happy kids with smiling faces
happy kids with smiling faces


The difference between playing a game and the game between plays evokes/yearns for us true awaken with the  conscientious awareness of our true nature and realize our divine consciousness’s aims that remain enshrined within the sacredness of our trueselves.

To/True ensure that we are constructively devoting, engaging and focusing upon an equitable, fair and trustworthy allocation of our time frames/spheres towards nurturing our self development/our self improvement ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.

Remember time never returns back; every moment is truly precious; you cannot go around chasing time or trying to retrieve it; each and every moment well spent in meaningful/purposeful activities/endeavors that are legitimate, reliable, responsible and safe are self contributory and will pay back handsome dividends that no other joyfulness could ever resourcefully equate, for you are investing time in yourself; in your betterment, in your greater goodness and always ensuring observance/prevalence of pure awareness, of pure conscientiousness, of pure focus, of pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and of pure mindfulness that embodies/encapsulates your pure divine values as well as your pure divine principles with its divine vision of your ever gracious wisdom; ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


Understanding God, Getting Understood, Realize Your Pure Divine Potential

Shiva Shakti Antaryami, Durge Devi NamoStute


Shiva refers to the pure sacred auspiciousness while Shakti refers to the divine cosmic energy.

The translational definition of antaryami refers to the controller within. Here it refers to our pure intentions=shuddh bhavana  being the controller which means that God provides us with the graceful wisdom to make the respective choices and decisions in our lives, however we are likewise liable for those as well.


First of all and all of first, this is not about trying to understand what is being said or set all around us, rather it is genuinely about realizing all that has been preset, instilled, installed and embedded+embodied within each and every one of us, ensconced within the core realms of our true nature and our true selves respectively.445830942be5df0b1d178a488261b984The captioned title understanding God and thereby getting understood in the process is not about the perception of God from a different angle, a different faith, a different religion or a different perspective at all. Rather it is about carefully realizing the sacredness of our true self which is our soul.

We may call God with different names and nominate God as the supreme creator and elucidate and gloriously sing praises in honoring God but then with all of this do we actually understand what God wants from us?

God does not want us to show the World what we think and feel, but God does want us to show the word what we think. For it is the dialogue that encompasses the words and thoughts, emerging from the presence of our minds to the essence of our hearts and then navigating across to the consonance of our souls that we are able to experience the magnificent gracefulness of God.

images  So it is here, right within this each and every breath; right within this each and word; right within this each and every thought that we are actually communicating with God and depending upon the purity of our intentions, we will thereby further notice an amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom revealing itself to us, like as if, we will notice ourselves, our aura being attired in a pristinely lucid and sparking light.

This is not the halo of ascended masters rather it is the beginning of the formation of the divine grace’s appearance that is emanating and radiating itself from within us. So in a very important and incredible way, it is permitting that which is suffused within us to radiantly emerge and reflect itself first from within us to form the firstness+firmness within thus.

12415-cm-God-understands-prayers-find-words-social.pngWhat does this mean? It means that as we envelop and surround ourselves within the process of performing our respective duties, some specific observances of engaging in cultivating the seeds of goodness whether in thought or deed, that few fractions of moments spent in rendering service to the welfare of humanity and all of God’s creation comes back to us, contributing to ours and others mutual evolution in grace and wisdom as well.

Remember that God is impartial and witnessing and will not interfere or curtail any process, but however if we seek the graceful wisdom and prove that we are worth and are earnest in our respective thoughts and deeds, then the respective revelations will unfold by themselves either from within us or from others and we will be awed by the immense wealth of wisdom that remarkably prevails, like as if, it were intended for us, like we were the intention as well.


There is truly so much that can be spoken about this but that is not the essence of speaking or seeking to reflect one’s cognizance, rather it is humbly the following. Understanding God is more actually about understanding and realizing our true nature and our divine essence for the image of God remains instilled within each and every one of God’s creations.


It may take us a lifetime to understand and still leave us mystified? or the true understanding to live our time of each and every moment of our lives joyfully with the realization that we are in divine union with God in each and every thought and word. I shall repeat the above yet again with an added emphasis.

God does not want us to show the World what we think and feel, but God does want us to show the word what we think for it is within the word, the thought, the pure intentions and deeds that we are indeed with God as God’s beloved children infinitely, God bless.

Understanding God is essentially about understanding ourselves well enough to be understood by our self likewise whereby we are realizing our interconnectedness with one another, our pure oneness that always radiates the greatness of God’s will which is goodwill, harmony and progressive welfare of the Universe consistently.134967320052366326_mwo2L2Ye_f

With reference to the above picture – and of course apart from praying, have you also performed your respective duties as well please, for work is worship, God bless.

We speak of God and do we realize what God speaks of us? God’s speech is seeking for us to be still; to take time each and every day for a few minutes to meditate and reflect upon the messages that God has for us. And it is extremely important to remember that what God seeks for others is what we seek, so if we seek well for others, God seeks wellness for us as well.

Realize that God’s speech is in verses whereas our speech is in versus at many a time, seeking to compare what others have, why they have what they have? So in that engagement, we are replenishing the creative power from within us because we impose upon the Universe the sentiment of vie instead of why? Remember that what we seek with our intense filled feelings and heart full of emotionalism, we are already aligned with the Universe in either creating or re creating that which we seek to re seek us actually all over again.

awake ur blessedWe may think we know all, we may read the sacred scriptures and haughtily proclaim? But God seeks humility and devotional service of God’s creation; this is in the purposeful sense that we have each been bestowed+endowed with faithfully fulfilling what we have been entrusted with, it may be some duties, but those duties could by themselves bring us more and more closer to God.

Regarding the closeness of God, God is as we all know the breath within our breath, so when we truly want to reach across to God in moments of the oneness, we can indeed experience the gracefulness of God’s presence right from within our true self amazingly.

Why understand God some may say, well; that is what our life is all about for when we understand ourselves truly, we understand the greatness of God and the Universe. You see, it is actually coming back time and again towards actually realizing and understanding our true nature for from that is where everything including our destiny and fate unfolds.

So in many ways our true nature, our true self, our divine essence and our soul is the repository where all the goodness that is accumulated is also encompassing the fabulous wealth of priceless knowledge and magnificent wisdom that can enhance the scope of this wonderful life remarkably to understand understanding all together.

Understand understanding is the corollary; similar in respect to the faculty; the passage from which we establish the ground for better clarifying and establishing a lucidly clear comprehension and fundamental basis accordingly. Let us bifurcate this; un refers to one; der refers to the; and standing refers to standardize which is actually referring to conformance to a particular standard.

Let us now put this together; understanding = one+the+standardize. So when we seek to understand God, it is not about a scientific equation or a philosophical intonation, rather is beyond all of this, it is about sheer, it is about pureness of our hearts gracefulness, for from within our heart’s wisdom, we can be able to reach across and connect, better understand the greatness of God and God’s greatness.

peaceWe may use our presence of mind to precipitate the process by living with our conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness, our pure awareness, our pure conscientiousness,  our pure focus, our pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana, our pure mindfulness that embodies/encapsulates its divine vision of its ever graciously divine wisdom and then realize the greatness/divine gracefulness of the consonance of our soul facilitating the passage of understanding God which brings us back right where we started which is to firstly truly understand our true nature and our true self, for if we do not understand this and experience our true oneness, then we will forever be yearning for a glimpse and understanding of God and God’s graciousness infinitely, so let us consciously awaken and live our light and experience the glory of God’s grace in our lives by being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth infinitely,Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Be the Light


En=light with the being; let your ever divine gracious luminescence shine forth with its pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.

Disclaimer:- For some of those who may not realize, its not about any adornment with LED lights or trying to amusingly/adventurously/glamorously dance around with flashing light strobes please;

Its not about attention; its about “attain shine”; you are a divine being of the pure light of life; so vein/when you shine from within the divine graciousness and divine wisdom of your true nature; all that’s well within and around you whether nearby or far away, will experience the amazing wonderfulness of God’s light of life that ever graciously blossoms with its pure divine energies; its always and always the divine grace of God that shines when we reverentially fulfill our pure divine potential.

Its not about any dance in actuality; rather it all starts precariously with the pure divine discipline of being faithful to our duties/due ties; remember work is worship; whether at home, whether at work, whether at studies, whether engaged in any hobby, vocation, project and endeavors; whatever it is; give it your pure total attention full of pure awareness and pure mindfulness, for you have true enjoy and love what you’re doing as much as the pure joyfulness of life that’s there in all of life/creative evolution in joy’s you; the cosmic ryhthm with its rhythmic cosmic consonance; always oscillating with graceful precisionality; always defining and specifying true the point of its appoint; never drifting away from what it engages in; for as we experience the pure discipline in our lives, we will start realizing that each and every aspect of our lives is discipline orientated; then everything is done and never tonne well on time; done means d”one” and never the tonnage; for what weight is there to carry accumulates when we keep matters pending far beyond their needful attendance/due prioritization; we cannot post=pone, we may perhaps pause=ponder, but postponing and procrastinating endlessly/mysteriously?

This above elaboration was intending to/true focus upon bringing more of our pure awareness to/true whatever it is were doing/truing; but also most importantly and integrally to/true what we were thinking, for the thoughts are the catalysts and if we are not in charge of our thoughts, then whatever we are taught-in between the contemplation and the various aspects we come across each and every day may keep on depositing their sediments and entrenching their roots of certain tendencies which could either be helpful or harmful? yes helpful is welcome for all of us want to/true improve; but harmful is never welcome, for it maybe disguised in some idle pursuance of chit chatting? or trying to just spend time in focusing on some certain habits and disguised negative tendencies that might be appearing enticing and illusive? No, never let your mind ever drift or remain adrift, for you are not a ship/sailing vessel; you are a pure divine human being; you have been born true live this life, true make God proud of you and true fulfill your divine purposefulness of life ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely.

Its about this=stance; meaning the “definiteness” of the distance between our pure awareness and the divine light enshrined within our soulful consciousness; vein/when we attune and align with the sacredness of our pure divine oneness with the divine light of life ever sow conscientiously/gratuitously; Shiva Shakti bhava; God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi