Be Mindful


Be your pure mindfulness as well as your divine fulfillment ever sow in pure awareness/conscientious and utmost discipline; so ever thought needs true vigilantly pass true/through your ever attentive field of pure awareness stringently and then the fulfillment process further distills and discards all the negative/wasteful thoughts right at source/at inception=meaning curtailing/restricting and master managing those thoughts right at their very core roots from where they might surreptitiously emanating and appearing disguised as some sort/type of fascination or any kind of distraction.

Its rejection=here it means, not heeding at all to the impetus of any of those thoughts and “focusing” solely upon empowering and nurturing the/these as well as those set of thoughts that are well intentioned and resourcefully contributive towards your self development and self improvement ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; its also seeking true mean that instead of defying, we are vigilantly/wisely defining/specifying for our true nature understands categorizations, definitions and specifications and not just some jumble of disparate set of illusive/mysterious sets of thoughts that keep on multiplying and plying the mull of non contributive endeavors; its being true the point, so/sow life thereby appoints; seek true practice meditation on a daily basis and observe your thoughts; “ob=serve”; at first its objectively; then its subjectively; then its transforming to a more mature way of looking/perceiving various aspects; before we may have had several thousands of thoughts per day that were non contributory, but as we train our pure mindfulness true/through its pure awareness; then we’re thinking fixedly only and solely about what empowers and sustains our goodwill, our harmony, our well being, our good naturedness, our pure creative divine potential’s blossoming and so many priceless virtuous aspects all each in their own way blossoming forth and harvesting more and more seeds of true goodness that always helps us maintain a firm disciplined control of what’s going on right now/light now in this very moment by moment in our lives; and not remaining aloof in/on some distant plane, plateau, peak or ruminating or negative, fearful or wasteful sets of negative emotional tendencies/thoughts whatsoever; in fact the reference here is not implying, it is exemplifying the complete eradication of the disruptive tendencies by seizing them at their entry level; where it starts and keeps making its statements; seize it right; there=capture the thoughts at their very roots true/through the auspices of your pure divine consciousness’s ever gracious wisdom and the keep on instilling and nurturing more and more of the pure creative evolutionary virtuous awakening/awareness true the divine essence of your being’s divine graciousness and divine wisdom that will each bring you precise sets of results in conformance with your “meritorious” endeavors, efforts and initiatives as the divine ordinance of life sow permits; remember there is a sense of pure discipline; no matter whether anyone is looking or not; God is always observing and when we are true to our nature; so/sow is our nurtrurance right/light=(light refers true the illuminated passages of true attainments) through;Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Try and Like Means=Not Tie or Enticed, It Purely Means, “True Cherish”


But first and foremost of all learn true authentically, genuinely and legitimately appreciate what you have already been “entrusted” with in an divinely ordained manner and utmost reverence towards all of life; that’s sacredly enshrined within you, across/as well as all around you.

And well then, diligently strive towards contributing/investing your good willed orientated endeavors with your pure awareness always ever sow conscientiously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely;  Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi