Rushing? Getting things done? Tonne get inn thinking? Slow down? So-lace thou in? Be Virtuously Sagacious!


How many of us are rushing constantly throughout life? Its integrally living out? ought of the moment; the m’om’entum?

Vein/When will some of us ever realize that by living in a state of perpetual anxiety and refusing to acknowledge the authentic legitimacy of each and every present/pre=sent m’om’ment deprives us of sow much more than we may have ever realized? or could ever realize after all!

Whatever the condition/state of affairs/scenarios/situations/instances and so on and sow forth, indiscriminately leaping/bleeping out/ought of any and every moment will not necessarily make the grass more greener on the other side/sight, rather its the pure divine insight of our conscientious awareness with its pristine consciousness which will remarkably provide greater foresight and re=cognition of our empowered capabilities embodying the sacred graciousness of our ever precious wisdom’s divine vision ever sow pure divine worthily; thereby not/knot cutting time into half/halve, but rather releasing the inner rush along with its outer rush and seeking true embrace the inner raise and the outer raise, this is/are the raising/the pure divine ascension/elevation and expansion of our consciousness which will bring us closer to the divine graciousness of God’s divine light of life that’s enshrined within the pure divine realms of each and every living being ever sow divinantly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi