The Divine Wonder of God’s Heart, The Sacred Heart of Divine Wonderfulness


God’s heart is ever graciously enshrined within the pure divine realms of every living being’s pure divine essence.

Its the creative evolutionary magnificent virtuous wisdom of the heartbeat that’s truly amazing; the heart is deservingly/meritoriously here/within each and every one of us/all of God’s creations; while its beat remains ever preciously embodied/encapsulated/ensconced and enshrined within the pure divine precinct of God’s pure divine consonant graciousness ever sow pure divine worthily; sow be proud of your divine heritage, for your heart=beat is ever conscientiously synced with utmost cosmo=strategic precisionality with=in God’s divine light of life/ever sow gloriously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Ambitious Goals; Make “Real” T”i’m”e for LIFE as Well Please


Prioritize your creative evolution; realize that your life is far much more greater/gracious than just speaking about it that one day i will……? so on and sow forth? Every m’om’ent is truly precious, don’t leave what you were waiting to attend to – to actually put your on its waiting list likewise for almost a lifetime, for then you would be frantically yearning for that priceless moment to/true arrive, but the constancy of life’s purposefulness will well precisioned true arrive right/light on its well defined/disciplined and devoted stances of time and not just instances of tying time to some thoughts, emotions, feelings of oh how i wish?

Oh, i thought…..? Realize with life, at many a time, its truly about absolute seriousness and the highest degree of discipline that firmly demands observance of the most well defined methodologies ever known to humankind; its not playing games or just browsing through aimless information or just chit chatting in the pretension that what has evolved will thereby subside on its own accord and help to sort out/ought and resolve its own matters in its due course even if we just tend to ignorantly/negligently look the other way deliberately, what is that attitude for please?

Realize that life comes to demand firm accountability at all given times, so whether you defer/postpone or just keep procrastinating and intending to attend to what needs true be attend now a few hours, days, weeks, months, years or decades later…? will most certainly/definitely come back with all that and far much more accumulated quotient/reservoir or the precise discrepant/deviated factors to yet quantitatively  demand yet further greater degree of accountability that would be almost appearing colossal and with alarming deadlines and phenomenal sets of challenges almost as if bringing a whole lifetime of surprises packaged in one single hour/day, but why? Why be living so ignorantly and without lack of essential consideration please? For what can be diligently/earnestly worked upon well within reasonable time frames and responsibilities now/a little further ahead will ensure a much greater/fulfilling and blossoming lifetime later on; you know it, when you evade, there’s a price to pay, for when its time, its”truly” time please; there’s no such way as saying or trying to enact/pretend assuming that life will re consider and provide any succor or exemption whatsoever; for what needs to be done well=needs the goodwill of its wellness true be done and not just tonned right across every moment of our lifetime through the auspices of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi