As We Say When, Say Vein Has Us #HKSevens #Rugby #HongKongSevens #Sevens

As We Say When, Say Vein Has Us #HKSevens #Rugby #HongKongSevens #Sevens




Your veins are intentuitively listening/glistening “true” what you integrally resonate/say/state about yourself and others.

Believe in the pure divine essence’s conscientious worthiness of your true nature, your true self and let the ever precious championship of your life shine ever sow gloriously in all that you think, do, express and intend to/true achieve in an shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality orientated renaissance with/in each and every blossoming breath of your divine self true its divine life of light that’s you and all of God’s creative evolutionary graciousness “within” you as well as all around you ever sow efficaciously seeking its pure divine oneness with all that was, is and will ever be, with an ever observant perspective of the sacred intelligence that embodies, that encapsulates, that ensconces and enshrines its pure divine character/characteristics/virtues and graciousness to keep growing in your pure divine worthiness ever sow pure divine virtuously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

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