Anything can Happen? Vain Thinks can Hamper!


 Its Integrally about Conscientiously “Defining/Refining” What??? We keep on Mysteriously Thinking/Focusing Upon Please!output_5MDBbK2013-12-28-19.34.052013-12-28-19.33.472013-12-28-19.33.402013-12-28-19.33.342013-12-28-19.33.272013-12-28-19.33.222013-12-28-19.33.53f5a4be07e4fe98268fce2e7e9aa6d4954c15caf8be71b9fe1973db767ad4390e


Lets start again-anything can happen? Then its the vain thinks that mysteriously trigger and confuse/complicate and keep leading to enormous hampering, but why please?

These vain/random sets of thoughts that never lead to any constructive achievements could considerably change/transform and lead us potentially to habituate the very essence of our thinking’s to adopt/adapt certain sets of thought patterns as integral beliefs? How come? Why just suddenly give into some sets of thoughts that you never ever knew before and then started renewing them as if they were/wear your life breath please?

Be vigilant since some of the surreptitious thoughts could then lead to a contagion of mysterious emotional tendencies/myriad feelings that were never absolutely there at all and all because of that vain and ignorant way of thinking? Imagine a seed of thought that came by for a while and then kept germinating, harvesting and sprouting what became a lifetime of mysteriousness that was never ever you, the pure divine self, but yet again why please?

Where the vain thinks are concerned, what all if could possibly lead to is absolutely impossible to reflect upon or consider what extent it could perpetuate and completely/totally transform the very essence of being, meaning that what you were/are could possibly lead to someone else you may have never ever imagined; now what was/were/are those sets of sees/beej/thoughts please?

Be mindful its far much more than just the mind, it could also possibly be affecting/influencing your heart for your veins-the ventricular fibrillation which is known as one of the heart’s rhythm problems could possibly occur? Seriously referring to the heart beating with the heartbeat catapulting rapidly with several erratic impulses, yet again why please? Why not learn to/true diligently/prudently/vigilantly/wisely and pure divine worthily discipline the thoughts and filter out/distill the unwanted and unproductive thinking patterns/behavior please?

For as you might be aware the ventricular fibrillation with its erratic patterns could be pumping chamber in your heart which is quivering mysteriously instead of actually pumping blood that its intended to do whereby your blood pressure depletes radically and possibly disrupting the essential flow of blood to your vital organs, and yet again beseechingly why please?

Do you think that certain sets of vain thoughts are really worth it please? Because you have a lifetime ahead of you and need to/true fulfill/live your life true its pure fullest divine potential, experiencing its pure divine dimensionalities that could help you true keep growing in the greatness of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtuous worthy wisdom ever sow conscientiously/pure divine worthily; so do not just treat any/many illusive/mysterious/random sets of thoughts indifferently and keep accumulating and collating them as if they were some priceless treasures for the comfort zone of some ignorant state of being; of taking solace in certain thoughts/thought patterns that could in the long run/long term or perhaps very soon make/leave you feeling utterly helpless, and where could this lead to please? Kindly realize, that this life of yours has been entrusted to you for a pure divine purposefulness, true realize and experience the pure divine graciousness’s consciousness’s nature’s pristine awareness that could amazingly/remarkably keep leading to/true your greater evolutionary growth in its pure divine graciousness; its pure divine radiance and its pure divine wonderfulness of who you truly were, are and wear meant true be; so be it, its being sow true the pure divine breath of your life as its ever promising infinite sacred light of your pure divine nature’s awareness conscientious consciousness that never ever vainly thinks but rather insightfully considers/contemplates the pure divine essence of all that was, is and will ever be true/through the auspices of its pure divine vision’s foresight as its pure divine character/characteristics define/refine and sanctify the pure divine gloriousness of your true nature in emerging and embracing the pure divine completeness of your highest self ever sow c’om’passionately, virtuously, wisely and pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi