Consciousness Unifies, Unification Cognifies

Bring Divine Graciousness True Your Character You Were/Wear Meant True Be the Creative Symposium oft Pure Divine Intelligence’s Proud Testament6732410_orig



Its integrally about bringing greater purposeful awareness to all we do/drew for that will very much bec’om’e our crew.

Yes, regardless of whether we realize sooner or later, the consequentiality of every aspect of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness keeps yearning for us true better define/refine the consensus of our sacred perception and the dimensionalities of our cosmic alignment/engagement.

Perhaps, we might be extensively chasing fleeting illusions far much more than embracing the evolutionary kaleidoscope that embodies and enshrines a greater sense of awareness, so then likewise we will be lead towards unifying ourselves with those precise sets of events, incidents, occurrences, experiences and manifestations.

That’s also where the liberty of the goodwill of the pure divine will makes us realize that we have within each and every breath the divine graciousness of the cosmic energies that effectively communicate to/true/through the core divine essence of our being.

There is tremendous accountability/responsibility associated in all that we were, are being and will ever be; time to time, we will reflect intuitively and avail a glimpse of the synchronicity of events and then if we realize and tread on the divine pathways and in precise conformance of experiencing our evolutionary fulfillment, the pure divine graciousness will thus lead us towards consonantly resonating with the pure divine harmonious frequencies of the Universe as its pure divine potentiality’s worthiness ever sow conscientiously, efficaciously and intelligently and then we will stop the discerning paradigm of illusion and elusiveness; then the moment anything even before it unfolds is perceived true/through its tri/quad and quintessence dimensitonalities with remarkable amazement; we will behold the pure divine spectrum that encompasses the unique conversations of the pure divine light that characterizes the sacred encodology of all that was, is and will ever be true itself ever sow pure divine worthily; embrace the pure divine natures awareness consciousness of your being fro its pure divine worthiness will unveil some of the most astounding, creative and magnificent visions ever envisaged that will oft course keep leading towards making greater intelligent choices/decisions and definitions of who you truly were, are and meant true be; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi