Healing, Well For You’ve Got To Be Your Nature True Nurture Your Be(g)”i”(n)n(in)g, Cherish the Infinity of Your Cosmic Radiance’s Virtues/Wisdom’s Evolutionary Renaissance

Exemplifying the Divine Gracious Essence of Our Cosmic Vein’s Chronological Evolutionary Miraculous Magnificenceoutput_jWyABL

Our healing begins/grows and glows ever sow amazingly by how/who we project ourselves to/true our nature; for IF we ever keep on deluding? illusively vacillating? eluding the pure divine gracious worthiness of our true nature, we will keep getting afflicted by more and more mysterious sets of infinite challenges/and likewise intricacies in various areas of our being/life/evolution so much as if we’re sculpting the precisionality of our very own m’om’ents or m’o(a)re” meants=this intends true refer integrally true our meritorious fulfillment, of how we live in precise conformance with our divine tattvas=principles/values/sacraments that apparently bring greater meaningfulness true the life of our being true/unto itself as God’s pure divine goodness.

Its sow very much like, we elevate/raise and keep expanding our higher consciousness to/true the sacred pedestal of the divine light enshrined within as well as all around us by embracing the gloriousness of God’s divine light that we’ve been embalmed well within God’s pure divine goodwill; in one glimpse that emanates across the retinue of centuries, its integrally about the consonance of our self realization that leads and keeps fulfilling us more in the image of God’s likeness that’s completely bereft of any vainly accumulated/egoistical tendencies; we were/wear born “true be us = true our self” and not/knot someone else please!

The pure divine essence of God’s graciousness doesn’t need us to be someone else for God’s summons heeds true our healing’s ever sacred fulfillment right/light from within the core essence of what exemplifies the beatitude of the bountiful blossoming of our true nature=nature’s truth ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2017 Vashi Chandi

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