Side(s)? Its Sight/Insight! Put Ourselves IN Charge, Charge Ourselves INput


Don’t just get carried away by sides or the views from the other side all the time; seek true be c’om’pletely present where you are-for if you are only physically present where you are, while your mind, heart and being is focusing upon somewhere else is not/knot going to help please.

Your life is precisely unfolding in specific accordance with where you are=for that’s exactly where your  ambition, your due diligence, your calm passion, your prudence, your tenacity, your virtues, your wisdom along with the sacred essence of your pure divine worthiness earnestly yearn for your undivided and unstinting attentiveness with utmost accountability/responsibility and vigilance please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Remembering Baba, Namo Svaroopam, Swaha Roopam Namaha Om, Cherishing the Infinitude of our Pure Divine Nature’s Consciousness


The following are the translational definitions from Sanskrit; Sva= Thy Self; Swaha=  Let it be; Roopam=Representational; Om=Eternal spirit of life; Namo referring to Nama=One’s Higher Self.

In one m’om’ent, we see God and in that very m’om’ent we are envisioned true/through God’s perception ever  sow c’om’passionately/conscientiously.Our calm union with our higher self enables us to realize our sacred infinite privileged communion with God.

God seeks that we efficaciously realize the divine essence of our true nature; for that self realization of our expanded higher consciousness will unveil further greater profound insights of our pure divine graciousness that will facilitate our immaculate transcendental evolutionary renaissance ever sow pure divine worthily; Om Sai Ram; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

#NorthKorea #SouthKorea Letter to North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, The Peace of Greatness, The Grace of Peacefulness



Dear Mr President,

Trust all is well.

All of us wish to live peacefully; war has never achieved any meaningful resolutions.

History is integrally testament to the hallmarks of time/space wherein the virtue of peacefulness has been able to create greater developments for the entire world as one gracious family.

The world always cherishes its contentious privilege of coming together with our noblest perspectives to/true amicably discuss and clarify in the ever glorious spirit of universal principles/values, since there are always incredible opportunities to meet and greet; to respectfully recognize/reciprocate the amazing greatness providentially embodied, encapsulated, ensconced and enshrined within one another’s true nature respectively.

Let us all seek to take this unique initiative to focus upon further developing/establishing our noble greatness for the greater goodwill, harmony, peacefulness, progress and unanimous welfare of the world efficaciously.

With aspirations of attainment of long lasting peacefulness that’s poised towards empowering/strengthening the greatness that is ever promisingly prevalent within each and every one of us as its pure divine graciousness’s worthiest vision; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

Sincerely, Vashi

©2017 Vashi Chandi

#EarthDay Sanskrit/Sanskritti Exemplifying the Sacred Essence of God’s Divine Wealth of Infinite Wisdom of Priceless Virtues that Extol the Gloriousness of Our Creative Evolutionary Renaissance

Realize the Heartbeat’s Pulse/Impulsive Shuddh Bhavana=Pure Sacred Intentionality of Nature Eavesdropping upon the Cosmic Divine Essence of Thy Being Ever Sow Pure Divine Worthily, Cherish thy Divine Heritagedivine-birth

The translation definition of Artha in Sanskrit integrally seeks true refer to the pure divine essence of wealth’s constructive meaning/goal/purpose/objective and so on and sow forth with every attribution nobly elucidating the sparkling radiance of God’s pure divine graciousness embodied, ensconced, encapsulated and enshrined within the sacredness of the breath and heartbeat of each and every living being ever sow pure divine worthily; so be it, its being sow true/through God’s divine vision of priceless tattvas/principles/values and virtuousness ever sow cosmic consonantly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi