C”u”t? Your Thoughts “Length=WISE” & Your Emotions/Feelings “Brea(d)th=WISE”


Its integrally exemplifying the divine essence that embodies the “wisdom” of your sacred breath; cut seeks to integrally refer to courteously curtailing in the captioned/associated contexts.

Some of us carry our thoughts and feelings so very passionately = like almost for well over 50+ to 60+ years, still carrying certain ways of thinking and feeling instead of fulfilling thy pure divine potential, but why please?

Its you who opted/chose to carry forth those sets of thoughts and feelings, remember-carry instead of caring; yet again why/vie please?

That’s where the wisdom of your divine breath ever graciously seeks for you to/true practice meditation on a daily basis; early in the morning, realize the sacredness of your pure divine character with its immaculate characteristics that will further unveil and unfurl some of the most scintillating/creative/fabulous and wonderful most thoughts/feelings/emotions about your very ownself, others and all of the creative evolutionary renaissance of the Universe.

Don’t just keep extending those sets of negative beliefs/practices/thoughts and habitualness just because no one is watching you or that you are dominating yours and others lives; please be considerate the curtailment of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings is about more better management and not some rude awakening that might actually come one day to awaken you with announcement of some malaise/disease or intriguing sets of complexities that were never there at all?

It all takes time but when/vein you are in the midst of experiencing of how long it takes after all, you will truly wish you had never ever taught/thought/felt/emotionally vacillated that negative way at all, for negativeness leads to more greater negativity and that hurts you more than anyone else; so be WISE; REALIZE, its your life; don’t just play around with it because you have been entrusted with the divine privilege to live and lead a fulfilling life where you are fulfilling your pure divine potential in an divinely ordained manner and in explicit conformance with the pure divine tattvas/principles=divine values that your soulful consciousness of your divine nature’s awareness conscientiousness’s virtuousness’s sacred gracious wisdom keeps yearning for you to/true keep growing in the pure divine graciousness, in the pure divine virtuousness and in the pure divine worthiness of your true nature, of your true self, of your highest self’s consciousness as God’s divine breath and light of life ever sow infinitely with its goodwill of your divine character/characteristics soulfully; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi


Author: Vashi Chandi

Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence, Life is Excellent! Fill your world with excellence in each and every thought, action and expression for sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God Bless. © Vashi Chandi

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