#Buddha #Bodhgaya #BuddhaPurnima #Mindfulness The Graceful Lotus of our Pure Divine Vision’s Wisdom Orientated Infinite Evolutionary Renaissance


Life folds us as it wants to.through; Let/(Divine)Light yourself in life’s unfoldment.

The process of letting ourselves true be permitting the emanation of the divine light through us humbly seeks true exemplify the process of expanding/raising our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness to the pedestal of the sacred light of our divine virtues that remain embodied, ensconced, encapsulated and enshrined within the pure divine worthiness of our true nature/true self/our highest divine consciousness.

Sow vein/when we seek to take the first step of earnestly awakening truest the devotional discipline of our self realization, our intellectual perception thereby transforms from a humanistic to its universal/cosmic and further onwards truewards its divine personification/

Meaning, then onwards,we are proudly being an ever graciously glorious testament of the sacred elements/tattvas/principles of the pure divine wisdom of its creative evolutionary graciousness/virtuousness in our conception/perception and most of all beginning with the core divine values of our intention’s pure divine intentionality=our shuddh bhavana namely.

It pristinely bec’om’es/becalms us true be the pure divine light’s oneness/see the divine light’s oneness as well as seek/speak the pure divine light’s oneness within as well as all around us thereby channelizing the exponential prevalence of the pure divine graciousness far more with a clarified sense of informative awareness; for then onward, we are no longer and neither longer knoweth; we are immersed as well as emerging with its pure divine lights vision which elucidates, let it be; be its light; its pure divine light of the infinite wisdom’s ever gracious virtuousness in all that was, is and will ever be.

This thereby facilitates/enables us to avail the ever preciously worthiest pure divine glimpse of the sacredness of our and all of God’s creative evolutionary nature that will further unveils some of the most magnificent wisdom ever reminiscent oft our primordial being, we left our true far behind us in pursuance of mysterious objectives; but with the pure divine graciousness’s visionary wisdom with its ever unique exalted virtuousness we c’om’e back h’om’e true the sacred realms of the pure divine light realizing that while life gives us a matter of choices, its the divine light that makes us the choices of what matters/what masters; for matters referring to the pure divine energetic resonance while masters elucidating the pure divine informativeness in making not/knot only the right or left choices, but the light=the pure divine light’s choices in all that we were, are and will ever be; so be it, its being sow true your pure divine virtuousness’s visionary wisdom ever sow pure divine worthily as its ever gloriously infinite testament of God’s being/light of creative evolutionary light/life; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

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