Sri Yantra≡Your Netra’s Shree≡Cosmic Divine Energy’s Geometrical Holographic Matrix≡Cellular Consciousness’s Molecular Sculpting

Your Soul has Been Preciously Crafted True/Through the Sacred Vision of the Divine Will’s Goodwill
Thy Divine Vision Envisions its Universally Infinite Auspicious Graciousness oft Sacred Virtues


The translational definition of netra refers to eyes/sight/vision; however here in the captioned contexts, it humbly seeks to/true elucidate the divine graciousness of God’s vision embodied, ensconced, encapsulated and enshrined ever sow reverentially within our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtuous wisdom; ever sow pure divine worthily.

Which patterns does/thus energy have? Energy has integral path in’s/its attributional to the beej tattva=the sacred seed of your shuddh bhava=pure divine intentionality’s primordial soulful vision; its pathways and not part ways please; for the divine grace flows true/through the divine graciousness of your cells, your neurons, your tissues, your breath, your pulse, your impulse, your divine essence’s true nature and so on sow forth, whereby you will realize true/through the auspiciousness of your pure divine nature’s consciousness awareness’s virtuous wisdom that you are pure divine worthiness and so is all of God’s creative evolution that you perceive within as well as all around you.

We are carrying a lot of pure divine energy, are we likewise energizing allot of care as well please? For thy pure divine will seeketh true/through the channelization of its energenesis ener=chiselling, so/sow that’s where the sculpting of our pure diviine emotional tendencies/our shuddh bhavana, neurons, our cells, our tissues, our consciousness, our pulse’s impulses and so on and sow forth.

Its the solaris/the solar consciousness when/vein it aligns with our soul’s pure divine consciousness in its c’om’position-calm posture that we experience during our meditation practice, where our divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies breath heaves every breath in unison with the cosmic grace’s symphony that unifies/fulfills us ever sow pure divine virtuously/worthily; Om Durge Devi Namo Stute≡Shiva Shakti Lokah Samashta Sukhino Bhavanthu≡Universal Goodwill, Harmony, Progress and Welfare≡Om Sri Yantra Shiva Antar Hari Om≡Narayana Anantaa Shiva Swaroopam≡Realize Your Pure Divine Potential’s Sacred Consciousness, Cherish thy Divine Heritage ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2017 Vashi Chandi

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