#Birth Opening Us True its Infinite Perception oft Eternal Cosmic Echelons/Primordial Renaissances Consonant Visions


Conscientiously attend to/true  what you attend; Integrally believe what you believe. Efficaciously cherish what you cherish; Earnestly connect to/true what you connect. Pure divine worthily do what you do; Fulfillingly feel what you feel; Intuit Wisely with an ever Vigilant Perspective observe what you observe; Consonantly with your creative intelligence realize what you realize; With/With the Pure divine essence of your being sense what you sense; Ever focusedly perceive what you perceive as the perspective of its ever renewed perception of your pure divine consciousness’s virtuous  infinite wisdom and so on and sow forth; ensuing absolutely alignment with your pure divine natures awareness; oft your pure divine mindfulness and your pure divine consonance of its sacred integral essence of self awareness is instrumentally prevalent in all that you could ever evoke, integrate, institute, implement, achieve and accomplish.

Make self awareness the very integral breath and divine essence of your being, almost like if you are breathing, you are breathing along with the cosmos, but experiencing the cosmic breath that is flowing through your lungs, permeating and suffusing your entire being as ever sow magnificently with the creative divine intelligence of Universal magnificence that abundantly resonates from within the echelons and sacred realms of all living being’s true nature, trueselves and divine essence enchantingly.

It it is to/true let the cosmos graciously flow through you without imposing any opposition or supposition or inference whatsoever for remember with the cosmos, it knows you true and through, so when you pretend to contradict it, it is reflecting back that very integral contradiction back into/in true and amongst the faces/phases of your life ever so mysteriously; well, that’s all because you precipitated it and it has to fulfill your primordial commands whereby when you swear or intensively express yourself, its actually directing all that’s being expressed right back at your own-selves; meaning that the bow and the arrow may be pointed and aimed outwards but its projectile apparently ricochets like a boomerang right back at the shooter.

Its allowing the cosmos to graciously evolve through you; that is what is being earnestly sought, for unless you truly be yourselves, nothing can truly be yours and vice versa; you look at your body, you are belonging to your soul; you look at your soul, it is belonging to the cosmos; you look at the cosmos, its belonging to the universe; you look at the universe, its belonging to the galaxies of creative evolution; you look at the creativity of evolution, its belonging to the infinite eternal sacredness of purpose and you can go on and on; everything will be purposefully oriented; take a flower, take a seed, take a leaf; take a grain of sand; take a drop of water; take a petal; take whatever it is, it will devotionally reflect the pure divine graciousness of its ever reverential source ever sow resplendently.

As we all know and realize that we are not just human doing’s but human beings with a far greater and gracious purposefulness for which we ingeniously strive to attain through our collective consciousness for the unanimous goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our universe ever sow conscientiously. So knowing this, being this, realizing this; as we read the chapters of the cosmos, each of us will be able to derive a message from the cosmos through its myriad forms of convocation; whether through our intuitive impulses or through the sacred devotional hymns/texts/scriptures/holy books/shlokas/Sanskrit recitations as well as the Bhagvad Gita; the Bible; Confucianism; The Genesis; The Gospel; The Guru Granth Sahib and the Sacred Gurbani;  The Holy Qur’an; The Kojiki, Nihon Shoki; The Rig Veda; The Tipitaka; The  Holy Tanakah, Torah and Neviim;The Zend Avesta; as well as all the sacredness of many more of the Universal scripts, verses and recitations that may not have been mentioned herewith; with all due respectfulness to one and all; its earnestly about the pure divine essence of being.

Its all through the auspices of our self awareness that we are able to miraculously experience the divine essence and integrity of the most sacred message which is you need to/true be purposeful to your lives; without purposefulness, there truly is nothing at all; one may speak how-much ever, keep announcing how-much ever and proclaiming incessantly but until or unless we live a purposeful life, all else would be in vain for the purposefulness is about the purposefulness that emanates from the very integral source of being, which is perceivable for each of us when we introspectively examine and observe the incredible meaningfulness that each and every breath of our lives has been bestowing us with; its like when we find our purposeful living and are truly purposeful in everything; its exemplifies being purpose oriented from the standpoint view of the purity of devotion and discipline where we are not being purposeful solely because our focus is on that medal; that award; that reward; that goal; that wealth; that richness; that value; that distinction; that accomplishment; that incentive; that post; that prestige; that designation; that endowment being conferred upon us and so on and sow forth; but rather being purposeful because we are multi dimensional in all that we think, do and express consonantly from the core values and divine essence of our being.

We are being purposeful as the cosmos, that’s right, as the cosmos is flowing through us, creating through us, so in sharing the cosmic essence of being, we are apparently experiencing our oneness with all of creation and doing, thinking, performing with a sense of completeness, of totality, of wholeness and the divine graciousness of our introspective self awareness forever becoming an integral breath and pathway of our being; meaning that whenever, wherever, we become so very self aware of all that’s unfolding in our lives from a cosmological perspective; its like as if we become the creatively intelligent observer and participant of our lives true and through; well the above is just a humble reflection on the captioned since elucidating more exponentially is in the cosmos hands and and’s which all add a depth of meaningful potentiality in all that we could ever think of, believe in and create ingeniously as the cosmos does, as the cosmos thus; ever sow pure divine virtuously/worthily, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi