#GlobalCyberattack Which Way? Its Which Ware are We Looking? Realize that As We “Allot”, So Thus “Allocation” Takes Place; Remain Extremely Vigilantly Alert Please

An Integral Matter of “Awareness” and “Timely/Periodic Responsible Updating” of Our Computer Operating Systems to Effectively Protect/Safeguard Pleaseoutput_vj8H7m








Indeed, if we might be having some of the operating systems that are not being provided either their automatic security updates or even otherwise being provided even the most basic essential defensive updates, then that leaves not only the actual device but then its interconnected network as well completely exposed/open to several unpredictable risks.

Utilizing the latest operating systems as well as ensuring to periodically update/whether the relevant security updates or other corresponding updates from their authentic/legitimate sources/resources would in a way helpful to some reasonable extent to effectively strengthen its/their degree/layers of protectiveness.

Its a matter of “awareness” as well; of realizing that as we take important and remarkable care of various other aspects/factors in our daily lives, our computerized operating systems also need to be effectively updated to ensure that they are not left open to unpredictable risks/vulnerabilities please.

Where technology or even any field of knowledge is concerned, there is a certain code of conduct; there is a certain discipline and defined process that apparently leads and further evolves in well precisioned alignment/conceptualization; knowing that all of the creative evolution of nature is an integral matter of what remains submerged at its core, for from the roots, the emerging routes gain their directionality/vision and essence of purposefulness; its not that the computers operating systems being mechanical are not as pivotally important or following a disciplined procedure as all else of the creative evolution of nature does/thus please.

Each and every aspect truly merits its well deserved attentiveness and utmost tenaciously vigilant safeguards to be well in place to adequately/protectively safeguard the respective interests and proper functionality of the respective systems well precisioned channelization/structurization and flow uninterruptedly please.

It is very deeply concerning to note that hospitals have also been targeted in this current global cyber attack; don’t those who do this ever realize that life support systems and so many noble souls lives are precariously challenged to their foremost ever; IF those who are engaging in any such malicious actions are reading this; a sincere appeal to them to please realize that any and everyone are meritoriously striving to fulfill their pure divine potential in all that they earnestly do to the very best of their capabilities, so why do you’ll intervene and make/cause so much havoc in so many millions of peoples daily lives please? Be considerate that money that is ill gotten through any means is bringing with it the illness/the negative energy=since that money has been acquired under cheating/devious/misguidance and misleading so many noble souls to forfeit their really hard earned money for which they might have worked several months at a stretch; and likewise, we are not sure who is facing what battle/crusade in their lives or fraught with what phenomenal challenges/likewise sets of factors unfolding in their daily lives; why make it so very hard for them please? and yet again, what if one of your family/relatives were in the hospital, would you be able to just let anyone suffer like that inconsiderately please? Kindly realize that so many patients need to have the lief support and other integral systems to be well functional and in their optimal consistent mode without any of these threats/hacking or other ransom ware of whatsoever that is unethical since life was never – is never and will never ever be able to convey its importance; for its for each and every one us to earnestly realize that we have born true be life =- to fulfill our pure divine potential in this blessed life and true be a blessing to/true all of life ever sow pure divine worthily please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi


God Sent Us to the Universe? God Ascended to the Universe Through Us? Go There Incarnate Humanity? No/Knoweth God’s Consent, It Was, Is and Will Always Be ……………….

……. Indeed,  It Was, Is and Will Always Be Integrally = “Grow” = “Grow” and Keep “Growing” within thy Immaculate Ascension/Exaltation’s Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness Ever Sow Conscientiously, Devotionally, Efficaciously and Pure Divine Virtuously/Wisely and Worthily Please!output_bHG6s8.gif

God sent us to this Universe ever sow fortunately so that we could avail the privileged treasured opportunities true keep on growing and experiencing our infinite evolutionary growth of its pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness that embodies, that encapsulates, that ensconces and that enshrines its pure divine tattvas=principles/values, divine vision and divine will of God’s breath and God’s light/vision of/oft life’s true nature that convocates with each and every blood vessel, cell, neuron, pulse, impulse, tissues and so on and sow forth ever sow pure divine worthily; attune to/true your God consciousness frequencies, eavesdrop on thy divine Master’s ever gracious conversation whose c’om’munion fulfills our pure divine potential ever sow divinantly/ingeniously and blossomingly; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

See=in=g Thinks? Thinking Scene=r(a)y? In “TaUght”, We’re “SoUght”/But in Thoughts, we Might Contort? Sort? Resort?

Be Wise; Be “TaUghtful” and Not/Knot Just Thoughtful ?hmm…? Thinking What? Practice Pure Mindfulness Please!


Although we cannot/ see thinks; its core insightfulness resonates; “its integrally”that = “in taught, we’re sought”; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

#MiddleEast The Soul of the Universe Watches Us=As ItSelf; Cherish thy Pure Divine Vision’s Infinite Graciously Glorious Worthiness

Universal Good Willed Prayers and Thoughts for Peace, Harmony,  Prosperity Sustainable Progress and Unanimous WelfareGoodwill.png

For peace was, is and ever remains as the ever greatest/worthiest vision; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi