Brahmand, Brahma Ananda=Anantaa, Ek Onkar=Satnam WaheGuru, Cherishing the Infinity of the Cosmic Universes Evolutionary Renaissance’s

Quantifying the Soul’s Divya Prana Shakti=Pure Divine Life Force Energies Sacred C’om’munion






The First Chakra of Brahmand-2

Vein/When we integrally pay the price=its precisionality paves=its pathways; integrity/price is elucidating its emanation of our “pure divine self acceptance” in all that was, is and will ever be.

Before birth, we had been endowed with the ever precious divine breath/energies and continue true do sow while within this ever gracious being’s manifestation as well and will continue true do sow even after we transcend across to/true merge/re emerge with its divine light’s glimpse/vision’s envisioning in pristine conformance with the divine tattvas/principles, values, wisdom and worthiness of cosmic uni-versifying sustenance.

The essence is true bind/knot the virtue of our faith in God’s pure divine graciousness in our being/lives; for taking each and every breath with the sacred essence of our divine virtues ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

Sow – Alpha? Beta? Delta? Omega? Theta? and So on & Sow Forth?

Inside? Between our Mind’s Layers? Its Insight True/Through the Pure Divine Essence of Our Soulful Vision=Thy Shalt Thou=Embracing the Sacred Essence of/oft Our Pure Divine Potential!539927quote-we-live-in-a-world-where-great-incompatibles-co-exist-the-human-scale-and-the-superhuman-kenzo-tange-65-88-07

The captioned title humbly seeks to/true exemplify the integral essence of our creative evolution – like for example, we put forth a incarnate query to our intuitive faculties such as the following:-

So what do you think?

The answer amazingly emanates with its evolutionary proportionality of infinite wisdom=which is the following:-

Its, think/link true your worth!

This worth is not about just mere comparisons; rather its conscientiously about the priceless principles/tattvas=tenets=values of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s pure divine graciousness/pure divine virtuousness/pure divine wisdom and of/oft course pure divine worthiness.

We are ever graciously born/incarnated and keep on evolving; some of us realize the preciousness of our creative evolutionary nature that earnestly seeks true keep emerging and convocating to/true us with its immaculate wisdom and thereby transcend the periphery of illusive notions/mysterious illusions with a more mature approach, whereas some others keep revolving, chasing some ideologies? theories? beliefs? notions? view points? perspectives? perceptions? and so on and sow forth – without ever realizing the core essence of what we are doing why? and why we are doing what at all? Whereby one’s own pure divine inner vision remains ever precariously submerged deep within one’s sacred consciousness yearning for a glimpse of our soul as our true nature; meaning that we know that our soul is inside us and keep reflecting on fancy statements/quotes and likewise paraphrasing – that yet further our soul is inside us; but the point is – vein/when are we “insight our soulful vision” please?

It yearns true know that vein/when are we aligned with the pure divine vision of our soul as its proud testament of God’s breath and God’s divine light of being/life please? We can get by acquiring more and more knowledge and trying to read heaps of literature but until or unless we actually comprehend the essence of our pure divine essence’s virtues/wisdom that convocates/emanates from the pristine echelons of our true/our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness, we would keep elusively chasing mysterious shadows instead of actually embodying, encapsulating, ensconcing and enshrining thy shalt thou! Thy being us and thou being thus – its earnestly about our individual consciousness that’s evolutionizing as its collective consciousness’s universal conscient pure mindfulness “ever sow pure divine worthily”.

The above could have been simply written in two single lines

So what do you think?

Its, think/link true your worth!

But then, this is far much more than any words could ever seek to describe – namely referring to our pure divine worthiness; for once we attribute and contribute towards/truewards the/its self realization of our pure divine worthiness as its incarnate immaculate vision – then all of our being will bec’om’e the stream of an infinite channelization of the pure divine energies synergenesis of incredible eavesdropping that comprehends/deciphers and perseveres true its noble visions of celebrating the infinite pure divine oneness of all of God’s creative evolutionary renaissance ever sow blossomingly, for we were mean true be life as its pure divine light’s cherished sacred “worthiness” of infinite preciousness that will keep on unveiling more greater, grander and gracious visions/understandings/perceptions and perspectives of what created us? of what is our life’s integral purposefulness? of why we incarnated and our soulful expansion/elevation/ascension and raising of our pure divine consciousness true its sacred altar/pedestal as God’s divine breath and God’s divine light of life ever sow gloriously=ever sow pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi