How Long? A M’om’en’=t’s Evolution? Stand Al-one M’om”ents? More Meants Understanding its Core Priceless Values oft its All-Oneness!


How long does it take for a moment to/true evolve?

Some us us remain deeply rooted in its m’om’ent of m’om’ents; while others withou realizing keep on exclaiming  where did my ti’me go?

Time grows, it does not grow; its about its integral value of priceless values, so if we keep evading, it will thereby keep elapsing and thereby taking along with it, its intended contagion of amazing = priceless treasures that will either remain as treasured memories or measured treasuries for which we yet keep striving without a clue of what=oft what it is that we’re actually seeking to achieve? attain? So if there is no road map, there how can the mapping ever lead us true our routes/our roots of its integral truth please?

Coming back true the above – regarding – m’om’ents – the yearning of our being is seeking true our nature, sow nurture ourselves thoroughly; meaning don’t just do – learn/yearn ‘true BE” – for in the process of being authentic, genuine, honest, legitimate and worthy of each and every m’om’ent, we are thereby able to; intensively focus more as its most meant/intentional; call it what you may wish – but ensure “true define” it, for without realizing its core meaningful values, you might be lead astray by some mysterious interruptions that might come along whether through the auspices of smart devices or even other chores and by the time you return back to/true its m’om’ent, you are left with restarting all over again, trying to grasp and clasp what is appearing fleeting, but is not eluding you, you are the one who were, are and continue to energies its conversional frequentiality please; wake up before its too late; for through the lateness there is not necessarily always an awakening, there are then consequences/penalties to pay – sow sometimes its awakening, at other times/instances – the pendulum of decisionalities/precisionalities for life was meant true be its originalities please.

The pure divine essence of our true nature – whose wisdom knoweth its pure divine virtue of belonging = the be =- the la=- the on = the ging.

As long as we Be=Long or conversely Long=Being? Where do you essentiallly intend to stand? withstand? understand true be understood please?

Stand alone m’om’ents? M’om’ents all one’s oneness in its standing, its withstanding and understanding; Well then are you its oneness as well= has its divine will of understanding your true nature for you are through nature as the pure divine worthiest being that ever was, is and will ever be; sow be it, true/through your being/life’s cherished defining moments as its priceless virtue of the sacred essence of thy DNA pure Divine Nature’s Awareness consciousness graciously/gloriously as God’s divine breath and divine light of life rejoicingly/vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi