God’s Bus Stop, Cherish the Infinity of thy Pure Divine Virtues/Worthiness


Transcript of a forwarded message…………….


A boy stood on a sidewalk waiting for a bus. A man walking by spotted the boy and gave him some gentle advice. “Son,” he said, “if you’re waiting for the bus you need to move to the street corner. That’s where the bus stops for passengers.”

“It’s OK,” said the boy. “I’ll just wait right here and the bus will stop for me.” The man repeated his advice, but the boy never moved. Just then, the bus appeared. Amazingly, the bus pulled over to where the boy stood and he hopped in. The man on the sidewalk stood speechless. The boy turned around in the doorway and said, “Mister, I knew the bus would stop here, because the bus driver is my dad!”

When you’ve got a relationship with the bus driver, you don’t need a bus stop. If you’ve given your heart to the King of Kings, you’re in a royal family of unspeakable proportions.

Today I would like to remind you that when you know the Driver of your life you can take the bus of life anywhere. He will stop and pick you up where people think it is not possible.

Whether some are thinking that you are not in the right frame of mind, or the right position or the right career to succeed but this will change when the success giver is your father and friend.

Whether you are unemployed, broke, single or married, or childless or divorced, or widowed. What matters is that you know Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can think or even imagine.

However, the BIG question is : “Is the Driver your Father?” “Are you still His child? You can only get that privilege if He is your Father.

He can bypass protocols because you are His child. He has done it before. He can do it AGAIN and AGAIN. And guess what? It does not matter what anybody feels or thinks.

*Enjoy the ride with your Father.*

God knows the best, He does the best, He gives the best because He is the best. May He make you achieve the best in everything you do in life now and forever.

*Stay Blessed,* *God Loves You/Yours/All of Us*

#RogerMoore #JamesBond Cherishing the Infinity of Our Bond’s Boundlessness, Indeed Every Bond Remains Uniquely Unbo”U”nd

Defining the Unique Ever Expanding Boundaries oft Our Evolutionary Renaissance Consciousness’s Sojourns Ever Sow Cosmo Intuitively  output_z4154l

Every bond remains uniquely unbound; wishing you eternal joy, peace, love and light Sir Roger Moore; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

God’s Light Insight, God Sight Enlightens

Cherishing the Sacred Grace of Our Incarnate/Immaculate Pure Divine Visions Wisdoma9-color-therapy-rainbow-rays

Vein/When we realized each other and all of the divine tapestry of the creative evolutionary nature oft the goodwill of God’s light insight; its pure divine graciousness of God’s ever faithful vision envisioningly renewed us as it-self’s pristine worthiness of being consonantly in its pure divine harmoniousness/pure divine virtuousness oft its ever gloriously pure divine radiant light=ever sow infinitely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi