Ontopoiesis=Spiritual Evolutionary Renaissance; Cosmo Autopoiesis, Going? Its “Growing” True its Core oft its L=earning! Mer”i”torientated!



so-many-times-i-thought-i-would-never-find-someone-to-love-me-the-way-i-needed-to-be-loved-then-you-came-into-my-life-and-showed-me-what-true-love-really-isThreeWorldsISDAs I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.272e9fa3ab16b0fb18035f2ec5cfc388

So When? Its Sowing With its Cosmic Veins of Calibrated Equipoise as/has its Knoweth

Its Integrally About the Core Divine Essence of thy Sacred Tattvas=Thy Pure Divine Principles=Thy Pure Divine Values=Thy Pure Divine Virtues=Thy Pure Divine Vision=Thy Pure Divine Wisdom=Thy Pure Divine Worthiness=Thy Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness=Thy Pure Divine Devotion and So on and Sow forth…………..

Some may Concur, Ah ha, So Well its = Entering/Emerging/Evolutionizing/Transcending its Divine L”i”ght? So When? Its Sowing the Vein?

No, its Nothing of Entering and its Related Processes; Rather its Always “Center/Centralizing”

Because “Merit” is Not/Knot about Partial or Impartial, Its About Deserving/About Our Pure Divine Worthiness, Our Cosmic Credentials/Qualifying Because of its Joy and not Choice

When We Transcend this Incarnated Immaculate Self, Its Always Joy and Not Choice, So Realize that Joys/its Joy that Emanates from the Sacred Realms of thy Soulful Consciousness

We do Not Just C’om’e Across the Infinite Joyfulness as Choicefulness, But Rather Vein/When we Integrally Fulfill our Primordial Objectives in Pure Devotional Disciplined Attendance Towards Sanctifying Our Genes by L=earning How Our Cells, Our Neurons, Our Tissues, Our Capillaries, Our Blood Vessels, Our Divya Prana Shakti=Pure Divine Life Force Energies Flow, Sow We Cohesively Merge/Emerge Where/We(a)re its Noble Axiom/Its Cosmic Theorem that Transcends any Mathematical Formulas For its Pure Divine Cosmic Essence Seeks for us to Integrally Focus  at its “Centre/Its Centralization” that is Amazingly Perceptible when we Expand/Raise our Consciousness True it Pedestal of its Pure Divine Light’s Emanating Vision

Its Not Just About L=earning/Cr=eating/E=merging/Int=egrating/P=ulsating/S=ynch=ronizing/R=at=ion=alizing/C=on=cept=ualizing/Met=amor=phizing/E=volut=ion=izing and so on and sow forth, Rather its Y=earning for our Cosmic Breath; Its pl=acing its th=ought at the C=enter of our being soularizes our Cosmcc Intuitive Paradigm to evoke its impetus that facilitates our remarkable transcendence as divine being oft its sacred light

We know acing refers to the remarkably focused aim powering process that unstintingly and with pure devoted disciplined intense calm passion aspires for attainment of its cherished objectives that are emanating; that have been embodied/that have been ensconced/that have been enshrined deep well within us as itself knoweth and when/vein we realize its pure divine graciousness as God’s breath and God’s light of life in all that was, is and will ever be, we devotedly fulfill each and every duty/due tie committedly as a form of worship, for its fulfilling the pure divine essence of our being c’om’plete true its c=entralization of our being; so it never was about going here/there/anywhere at all! It always was, always is and always will be “growing” – its pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness – of exalting – its pure divine ascension that c’om’mences when/vein we begin true integrally expand=raise our consciousness true its intended pedestal of its pure divine graciousness’s light that exemplifies the cosmic divine essence of further growth that’s emanating from its infinite c=entering us thus true its core divine values vision ever sow meritoriously/pure divine worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi