Oh, So What? Well then, Watt Sows! Realize the Core Essence of Your Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Virtues/Wisdom Please!






brain-networkscreative-thinking-gather-objective-insights-e1458675133184fce2fd6c4967bafebffc9d302fcc0e50Even millions of illustrations would not be adequate to essentially bring about the incredible transformation in your lives until or unless you diligently strive to live in precise accordance/conformance with the authentic, the genuine, the legitimate, the real and the worthiest realization of your pure divine nature’s “awareness’s” virtues/wisdom ever sow conscientiously, devotionally, diligently, faithfully, ingeniously, morally, nobly, ordainedly, obediently, radiantly, responsibly, tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and most of all pure divine worthily for its never just information/but thy inner formation as well.+ and obviously with explicit observance of the respective rules, laws, ordinances, stipulated regulations that are applicable/prevail in local/national/international jurisdictions with their respective guidelines demanding utmost alertness/vigilance in all its completeness/totality ever most firmly/strictly.

The formation that emanates/emerges from within the sacredness of thy pure divine universal consciousness; when practicing meditation consciousness on a daily basis and yearning true fulfill thy pure divine potential in leading a fulfilling being/life, don’t get carried away with this, that or anything else just like that.

Meaning today see something, then in the next instance something else and then flipping for things instantaneously? That’s not the way/vein in which our creative evolutionary renaissance has been inscribed please; for us true grow in the pure divine virtuousness, in the pure divine wisdom and in the pure divine worthiness of our being the proud testament of God’s  divine breath and God’s sacred light on earth; we  have to make ourselves worthy of our being; its realizing that part/path of us that;’s always integrally embodying, encapsulating, ensconcing and enshrining the pure divine visions that sustainably empower the visions aligned with universal goodwill, harmony, progress and unanimous welfare ever sow pure divine meritoriously as well as at every given element of complete/total “awareness”, because its not just doing things, knot just twisting and using some fancy jargon/vocabulary or rhyming or trying to imbue some soap opera/some television commercial or movie or what you read here, there or anywhere just like that=for anything done without the pure divine essence of thy conscientious “awareness” remains submerged to further/later on come back demanding and firmly seeking absolute accountability with its contagion of immense consequentialities.

That’s why its not just something such as expanding the brain, but about the “integral training” of its arch+spine+shine/shrine that amazingly includes thy pineal gland’s participation; and always ensuring explicit observance of necessary safety precautions for its not just about playing around anyway/anyhow, rather its more about claying/yes, this is not the clay that’s used in school for craft work, but the sacred integral clairvoyance, thy pure divine intuitive insightful awareness where where expanding and raising thy consciousness to its pedestal of the sacred light of universal consciousness, its consciousness enables/facilitates thyself true be able to perceive and envision the spectrum of the creative evolutionary renaissance of thy true nature within thyself as well as all around itself in the world that we so very fortunately live in ever sow pure divine meritoriously/worthily; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand