Shiva Shakti Vaibhava, Conscientiously Evolve with the Divine Vision of thy Soul’s Virtues


Exemplifying the Sacred Consonant C’om’munion of Our Pure Divine Consciousness Ever Sow Pure Divine Worthily



22c31e450635588d2c1aab174250e8fdsivalingaOur souls have been divinely evolving since centuries, so when we are born and get intricately associated, we unknowingly intend to get involved quite precariously; with the being its involvement whereas with thy soul its transcendental evolutionary growth in thy pure divine nature’s awareness, virtues, wisdom and worthiness ever sow meritoriously.

The essence of the captioned humbly seeks to ensure that we live each and every m’om’ent of our being/lives with the immaculate consistency oft our soul’s pure division vision/virtues ever sow pure divine worthily of course.

For the wisdom of our soul evokes our conscientious pure divine nature’s awareness to awaken to the completeness/totality of our being as its core divine tattvas=principles=values that have created us ever since we were ever incarnated along the estuaries cosmic tributaries of divine centuries ago/a glow.

To summarize its earnest connotation, all that it seeks is for us true ever graciously live with the symphonic definition/divine vision of our soul’s immanent/immaculate/incarnate vision that never ever leaves us at any given m’om’ent, sow well then with all due reverence to the goodwill of God’s divine will ensconced within our highest supreme consciousness, we should strive true practice meditation on a daily basis true ensure that our prolific sacred alignment is forever harmoniously immersed and emerging with its pure divine connotations that is/are bereft of any religious symbolism for the pure divine light of God’s pure divine vision is what we perceive right/light true and through ever sow pure divine meritoriously/virtuously/worthily;  Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

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