Do You? You’re D’one’!

In’deed’ You’re the ONE, Do Not/Knot Just Casually Look Away and Shrug Your Shoulders for Whatever You Do To/True Others First of/oft All Involves You Integrally and Vein/When Whatever is Done in Pristine Accordance/Divine Conformance with One’s Purified Universal Intentionality=Shuddh Bhavana Orientation of our Cosmic Good willed Characteristics/Disciplined Divine Virtues Ordained Mannerisms Leads To/True Fr’om’ Our Individual Consciousness onto the Collective Consciousness as well as Further Adventing Onto/Ontrue its Privileged Alignment with its Universal Consciousness that’s forever Beaming with its Pure Divine Essence’s Evolutionary Growth in Pure Divine Graciousness, Meritoriousness and Virtuousness Ever Sow Pure Divine Worthily
Its Humbly Yearning to Evoke Our Conscientious Awareness and Seeking to Urge the Expanding/Raising of/oft our Consciousness/Bringing Greater Degree of Our Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness To/True All that We Ever Intend/Seek To/True “Do” At All Given Instances/Times Very Most Firmly/Acccountably/Responsibly and With Utmost Due Diligence/Prudence/Wisdom and the Sacred Essence of Our Pure Divine Worthiness Please
Realize that the Pure Divine Essence of God is Enshrined Sow Very Much Within You As/Has its Within Each and Every One of God’s Creative Exuberance/Exponential Brilliant Magnificent Beings/Elements/Tattvas/Principles/Values As/Has ItSelf
You Hurt Someone/? You’re Preparing Yourself For the Very Expanded and Intensified Same/More Painful Sequences/Scenarios! You Cheat Someone? Well, Then its Likewise Sets of Challenging Scenarios that Will Engulf You As Well! and So on and Sow forth, Whatever It is/maybe, Its All Being Precisely Archived and Vein/When the Time Will C’om’e That Same But Penalty Orientated Sets of Sequences Will Besiege Thyself Whether in the Form of Mysterious Diseases? Strange Occurrences? And Likewise Sets of Contradictory Eventualities, That’s Why, Doing is Owing As/Has Well for the Pure Divine Will of God’s Light Witness’s and Witnessth Far Much More Than We May Have Ever Imagined or Could Ever Conceptualize!
Realize that Doing has been Entrusted To/True You To/True Do with the Sacred Essence of thy Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness and Never to Just on the Pretext of God’s Name Ever Say/State or Mislead or Defraud Others for IF Only You Knew that the Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness is thy Soul’s Pure Divine Vision, Seek To/True Practice Meditation on a Daily Basis While Of Course Ensuring to Fulfill Your Worldly Duties/Due Ties to/true the Very Best of Your Capabilities in a Purely Divinely Ordained Manner that is Conforming to the Respective Laws, Rules and Regulations Governing National/International Jurisdictions as Well as the Cosmic Hierarchical Domains/Dimensionalities of thy True Nature as Well as the Nature of the World/Universe Ever Sow Pure Divine Meritoriously/Virtuously/Worthily
Never Change/Transform the Definitions of Various Aspects To Suit Your Biased/Envious/Prejudiced Convenience/Outlook Where it Concerns thy Pure Divine Essence’s Consciousness Because What’s Applicable is What God Deems and Our Soul’s Wisdom Orientated Nature Knoweth Very Well its Pure Divine Will and Never Defies But Always Humbly Defines Very Most Succinctly What’s Good Willed For Ourselves/Others and All of God’s Creations/Creative Evolution



As you do, so/sow does/thus it; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand