Looking at God’s Portrait? Charon Dham, Four Abodes; Envision thy Pure Divine Graciousness Right/Light “W’here’ Thou Art/Sacred Heart’s Infinitude Vision


Let’s c’om’mence again with the captioned title please; looking at God’s portrait? Fourth straits; forth straight=pour *traits with its immaculately divine unique qualities embodied within the sacred realms of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtuous wisdom infinite vision. (*traits here humbly seeks to exemplify the pure divine essence of our moral values; our divine tattvas=principles that embody righteousness in all that we ever do, think, intend, seek, envision or yearn for ever sow pure divine worthily)

Yet again; Let’s c’om’mence again with the captioned title please; looking at God’s portrait? then lo behold, the charon dham=four abodes that appear sow distant actually emerge right/light before thy true nature’s divine essence; its not about only when making/taking pilgrimages far across that one might not be able to, due to certain reasons-whether they be health. wealth or other peculiar reasons orientated; for God’s ‘om’niscience prevaleth all right/light across thy heart’s virtues.

Its not about a particular religion or faith alone; wherever we are c’om’pletely/totally/wholly/entirely with the “awareness” of our pure divine nature’s consciousness, then sow is God please; for its not that by reaching across only to a certain destination/abode/shrine that God will appear or disappear; God never left thy side and always remains besides you/within you/all around your trueself as the pure divine magnificence of the sacred gloriousness of our cosmic nature.

Some individuals despite all the stark realities that face them might still surmount and seek to transcend the obstacles and think that God will be impressed? Not at all, for the pure devotion of one’s true faithfulness is/can be done/fulfilled in a righteous manner right where one is c’om’pletely with one’s own self/nature, for just imagining that having c’om’pleted the pilgrimages will sanctify or absolve oneself of one’s karmic accountabilities is living in delusion/illusion, for the law of karma will mandatorily prevail, come what may, there is no evasion or pretext or excuse or deviation from being held liable/consequently accountable for one’s actions explicitly/thoroughly; that’s why focus on fulfilling thy duties/due ties; pure divine potential right where thou art instead of trying to shift the focus for looking at God’s portrait with forthrightly seek the pure divine essence of thy true nature’s “awareness” consciousness’s devotion/divine vision true graciously living each and every m’om’ent in pure conformance with God’s divine ordinance as its cherished/meritorious/noblest creation, ever sow pure divine worthily;  Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

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