Akashic=Cosmic Records, Path to Heaven, Ports True Having, The “Report Cards” of Our Pure Divine Meritoriousness’s Cosmic Worthiness’s Vision

The Signals Between Devices; The Seek Know Will Between The Vices? Its Not/Knot Vices, its “Virtues”

Its Portal of Self Realization, Presence of Mind, Essence of Heart, Consonance of thy Soul’s Pure Divine Meritorious Worthiness


There is one integral path to heaven which embodies/encapsulates/ensconces and enshrined the practice of our moral values righteousness which encompasses its purity of its essence’s realization in all that was, is and will ever be, ever sow pure divine worthily.

There are many ports to having; computer ports, airports, sea ports and most importantly “reports”; each of these facilitate  our interconnectedness and improvements right across our lives.

Millions of people are earnestly striving to contribute to the harmonious goodwill, progress and welfare of our World consistently.

In this context, there is one strategic factor which predominantly relates to the connectedness and interconnectedness; let us simplify this to better understand more clearly.

Like in any device, the signals must be lucidly clear for the related ports to establish their respective connections. Now, with the cells of our body, intellect, mind and soul they follow paths along our cell, nerves, neurons, tissues, vessels, notions and so on and sow forth; all with/in its meticulous ordinance’s precisionality.

Henceforth coming to the most pivotal divine essence of our being, whatever we attain in our lives, there is nothing more fulfilling than its pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom’s self realization tattva=element/principle/divine values/divine will of God’s goodwill.

However to attain/reach this also, we need to/true diligently persevere with our amazing competencies, conscientiousness, due diligence, meritoriousness, morality/moral values; nobility, prudence, the pure divine virtue of righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our brilliantly creative graceful magnificent virtues/wisdom/vision of its pure divine worthiness enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness/our true nature.

Our vices become our voices and whether we may speak and express or remain silent, the core essence of our vices operate and radiate at frequencies that leave us wondering at many a time; almost as if, they speak even without speaking, convocating far much more even with the most stillest of silence.

Sometimes, even without a single word expressed, a lot is communicated right across our complete system and the universe all around us. So, we need to carefully ensure that whether it is ports or paths, its incredible portal of self realization will conscientiously prevail.

Knowing this, knowing that and far much more; being efficiently resourceful and all that it takes to let our divine light shine through in living/leading a purposeful life that strives to fulfill our respective duties/due ties/our pure divine potential in an divinely ordained manner that’s forever in conformance with God’s pure divine ordinance as our soul’s consciousness knoweth very well whenever, wherever, whatever and however, everything and everythink demands our immaculate/mmanent self realization.

Which relates to the core presence of our mind and pure essence of our heart since without the presence of mind and without the essence of our heart, we maybe missing some of our life’s fabulous priceless moments ignorantly. However, here there is a point/an appointment that’s missing/that’s being neglected/that’s being ignored and it is not just involvement – but evolving/evolvement – yes, our pure divine evolutionary growth in its pure divine graciousness, in its pure divine meritoriousness and in its pure divine virtuousness/worthiness which is transcended true/through the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom; namely our sou’s pure divine consciousness. That’s why, its not just involving our mind and heart, but also integrally ensuring that’s its precisely our soul which is associated as well, for with our soul, its elevating/expanding and lifting/raising our consciousness true its level of the divine light of being/life and thereby being able to perceive and glimpse the greatness of its cosmic grace ensconced within the pure divine realms of our true nature/of our trueselves ever sow conscientiously/devotionally/efficaciously/meritoriously and pure divine worthily.

Why not live this life to its very fullest pure divine potential by recognizing our sacred character’s virtues/amazing capabilities by being fully aware and taking each and every step in precise alignment/conformance with each and every m’om’ent, aspect, factor, incident, coincidence and so on and sow forth ever true meritoriously.

Realize it, its immaculately/immanently yours as it is=for you are its self realization’s virtuous vision ever sow meritoriously/pure divine worthily with its consonant infinitude and thy indomitable will power will show and reveal to you some of the most amazing experiences, insights, revelations/discoveries/realization’s and moments of your lives where you did not know you have it and then you had it due to the pristine element of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom. Before the have it was being halve it; meaning, it was going on diminishing due to the immense/sheer ignorance/delusion/neglect and deliberate diversion and fascination of some illusive mysterious sets of fallacious notions, but why please? Why halve it and keep on halving it over and over for it takes far much more than an complete lifetime/sets of lifetimes to precariously put every little bit by bit together; its not a robotic or computerized process that because now we have bytes so you delegate/relegate this to some automated functionality process and think you could shortcut your path due to your ingeniousness, for sure no, because thy pure divine gracious wisdom’s vision is far more alert/diligently and vigilantly witnessing all that you were, are and will keep on do’i’ng as itself, but without its explicit consent, because it never ever wants you to deviate from living your life’s pure divine potential please.

Remember thy soul’s consciousness functions with its sacred covenants, ordinances and in pristine consonance. Its image, name and character is defined by its pure divine light’s vision that cannot be seen and yet encompasses the scenes/scenarios-akashic/cosmic records of our infinite lifetimes.

The imprints etched across the landscapes of our souls consciousness’s meritoriousness inspires/evokes its conscientious pure divine nature’s awareness to/true dwell, to contemplate introspectively upon its pure divine possibilities and potentialities of empowering our sacred essence’s pureness whether in thought, whether in deed/indeed or expressions and so on and sow forth which particularly and integrally commences with its roots=namely our pure divine intentionality=our shuddh bhavana; and as we cultivate the roots of its immanent/immaculate truth within us, we realize that our minds, our hearts, our intellects and our souls had, have and will continue to/true enshrine its sacred moral values of austere/cherished devotion and discipline of worshiping the magnificent greatness of God in each and every breath and element -tattva=principle=divine values and infinite facets/spheres of our being as well as all being’s of God’s creations all around us ever sow conscientiously/efficaciously/righteously/wisely and pure divine worthily.

C’om’ing to/true the point and importance of heaven in our lives is living with conscious awareness, a sense of disciplined dutifulness and affinity with its immaculate/immanent/incarnate truth since we are born, breathe and sustain our lives with the roots of the divine truth of God’s goodwill and can blossom forth all across our lives when we essentially understand that our being/lives exemplify the purposefulness of creation’s ever gracious evolution; that we were born, that we are borne and that we will be born and keep on reincarnating until we earnestly/integrally fulfill our respective karmic accounts (deeds)/duties/due ties in an divinely ordained manner to/true the fullest of its sacred potentiality that’s meticulously in conformance with God’s divine ordinance encapsulating its goodwill, harmony,, peaceful evolution and unanimous welfare of our universe as well as all of God’s creations;  which is why our dharma(duties) always comes forth in the forefront seeking explicit observance and abidance of the discipline of disciplines which is the practice of our moral values righteousness all across our lives, right/light true and through.

Heaven is  right/en light here where we integrally are with the complete and devoted presence of our being’s pure divine essence. With the presence of minds, we create; With the essence of our hearts, we are created; however with the consonance of our souls, we co create along with nature and the universe ever sow graciously/exaltedly

This means that when we do and practice our moral values righteousness, it is laying the sacred ground for experiencing paradise on earth for every dictate of our conscience/consciousness that has the compass of compassion focused upon realization of its paradise of abundant goodwill within as well as all around us ever sow pure divine worthily.

So if now one may look upon a person working in a certain profession or entrusted with a certain designation with inferiority. they are actually inviting and precipitating that similar range of tendencies and expectations to likewise emerge and surface in their being/lives as well. This is why, in every holy scripture it is clearly stated to perform our duties with a sense of devotion for at some time or another across our lifetimes, we are serving from the divine within us to the divine across us.

People would travel millions of miles to have a glimpse of God and to stand in God’s presence but when requested to ensure, to observe presence of their mind, essence of their heart and consonance of their soul, they think that this is deviating? moving away from their goal of attainment? of envisioning God? Of gong away from heaven? It is actually very much within the simplest of m’om’ents and experiences and the humblest of attitudes that s’om’e of the greatest and ever gracious divine m’om’ents of our lives will continue to magnificently unfold/eavesdrop with the pure divine potentiality of thy  sacred essence’s pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom and thou will knoweth as itself.

There is truly so much that is being elucidated from within one’s higher self/one’s higher consciousness/one’s true nature/one’s true self that the vital ingredients of living a fulfilling life will all reveal themselves to us when we authentically, genuinely, integrally and legitimately be living our true nature/true to our nature/fulfilling our respective duties./due ties in an divinely ordained manner that’s conformant to/true God’s goodwill as well as nature of our truth without any egoistical/prejudiced/unfairly biased conditionality, demands of expectations upon ourselves or others; for where our soul’s calling is concerned, its moral dictates/values are far beyond any comparison and cannot be merely comprehended casually; they seek for us true exalt/to expand our consciousness true its pure divine worthiness’s light level that abounds within its sacredest realms of our true nature ever sow pure divine meritoriously.

There is absolutely at all given times/instances/m’om”ents a diligent and prudent need for observance of meticulous discipline and practice of our moral values righteousness because those tattvas=elements=principles=pure divine values have been with us all along and are the very integral fabric of our being/lives; where our soulfulness seeks its pure divine union with God’s pure divine essence, who always remains ardently ensconced within the sacredest realms of our true nature, of our true self and our pure divine essence nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom’s vision ever sow pure divine exaltedlty/exuberantly/morally/magnificently/meritoriously/nobly and pure divine worthily.

Our presence of minds will take us where we have never been; while our essence of hearts will be with us where we have never taken and the consonance of the pure divine nature’s essence/awareness’s virtues/wisdom of our souls will continue to/true be+remain with us ever sow faithfully; awaiting/efficaciously yearning for our pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana of divine awakening true its living its discipline of our disciplines for this life that we have so very fortunately been bestowed+endowed with its pure divine purposefulness which it seeks for us to knoweth as itself’s vision/wisdom’s pure divine meritorious worthiness’s immaculate infinitude; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

Navagraha, Nine Planets, Thy Cosmic Constellation

Shiva Shakti Bhava; The Solar System; Thy Soul Heart’s Stem Seeks its Consonance


The gracefulness of our life’s sacred essence seeks for us true to experience its completeness. When we are fulfilled from within, there remains no lack or scarcity, we are able to abundantly express and connect with ourselves light/right true and through with all the amazing energetic forces of the cosmic evolutionary growth in its pure divine graciousness; its pure divine meritoriousness and its pure divine virtuousness ever sow pure divine worthily .

The nine planets that govern our astrological charts humbly seek that we fulfill our respective commitments/its divine ordinances that’s forever in pristine conformance with God’s sacred ordinance which our solar/our soular consciousness knoweth by heart; with a sense of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness; conscientiousness, courage, devotion, diligence, prudence, pure divine intentionality=shuddh bhavana; due responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, integrity/truthfulness and our ever gracious pur divine wisdom.

Our heart seeks its pure divine graceful c’om’plete/totality/whole heartedness, where we are not being here while being there or being there while actually being here? Life is not and neither knot a game of musical chairs or quizzes, puzzles or riddles; we need to carefully understand the seriousness of our being/lives as the see your as knows life, meaning that we have within us our life’s divine/sacred vision, with which we are able to perceive and realize far much more than we could have ever imagined; that field of infinite potentiality can be tapped only vein/when we are authentically/genuinely and legitimately aligned with the exalted oneness of our being’s true nature.

Planets implies plan its; if we reflect upon the evolution of each and every aspect of all that was, is or will ever be; there is a plan and that plan is a sacred honorability and its purely focused upon systematically orchestrating various aspects of our creative evolutionary transcendence in a synergistic union of pure divine harmonious confluence; but the integral quest=ion is, how much are we actually with ourselves c’om’pletely at any given instance please? Be true to your nature, this is not some fancy or just a question seeking to provoke a momentary reflection and then swaying away and getting back to that same old way of trying to keep on searching and trying to outpace one’s ownself; for how much can/could you ever outpace? outrace your very own selves please? Realize, that it all begins and goes? NO, it does not just go, it “grows”; yes, it grows and depending upon how much/match you are integrally able to grow along with it true/through the auspices of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily was, is and will forever become precisely the degree/level of meritorious attainment that thou will deservingly achieve; its not trying to snatch someone else’s belongings or being please; realize that the sacredness of God’s graciousness is prevalent/suffusing and permeating each and every element of our Universe and far beyond each and every one of God’s creations; so focus upon how you could be able to fulfill thy respective duties/due ties/thy pure divine potential to the fullest of thy capabilities and not just pretending to wade/pass of the time thinking that another set of time, space and opportunity/opportunities will mysteriously evolve and keep on coming back; remember – not not remember, realize that time once gone will never ever come back like it did and then no matter how much you may lament and keep or getting frustrated or worked up, all that would apparently ensue is a building up or your vehement opposing and regretfulness and then what please? Do not just squander your time in wasteful pursuance or idly day dreaming all the time or just getting impressed and carried away with some fairy tales or other illusive notions; please kindly wake up/awaken, your Parents have toiled relentlessly/worked really hard every moment of their lives to/true ensure that you will shine forth ever sow radiantly and not just let your lives be spent in browsing numerous fan pages, chit chatting and then just going here/there and anywhere? What is this please? Where do you intend to take your life towards? Well its your life, no one has a right to interfere, that’s perfectly alright, keep doing what you’re doing, but a day will come when all that you’ve done will seek accountability and then at that given/at that defined moments, you will have to bear utmost responsibility for the consequences, for each and every action or inaction will apparently tend to weight/count and matter, you cannot just overlook and shrug your shoulders stating, oh so what, we will see, oh i don’t believe all of this and that and so on and sow forth ignoring the start reality of life? But for how long please? Wake up, really wake up and live each and every moment in alignment/conformance with the sacred essence of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom ever sow pure divine worthily please.

Our solar consciousness is not about creating a new world, rather it is ingeniously focusing upon reflecting upon the word/thy worthiness a new=the integral matter of thy self realization. This exemplifies the core essence of each and every word/meritoriousness/worthiness in our lives; for from one word its the root and the other word, its cherished worthiness inextricably inter connected and inter linked as/has the immanent/immaculate truth of our being/our lives; one cannot be separated from the other’s pure divine essence.

Some people go across here, there and everywhere; humbly appealing and appeasing the nine planets without ever realizing that all that the governing planets seek is that each of us experience our completeness; this is the pure divine essence of our being, where we are able to live a life full of our creative intelligence “awareness of its priceless virtues/wisdom” and are conforming/tapping the core intuitive consonance of the cosmos, almost as if we are at the heart of the cosmos, aligning with it, in its plan its of creative evolution ever sow pure divine meritoriously/worthily.

Realize that its not love that’s out, its love that is self love, the true love and divine essence of our higher consciousness; likewise, whatever it is, any gracious virtue emanates from within the realms of thy/our higher self, for from its divine essence of creation, the creation of divinity’s infinite consonance is amazingly conceptualized and keeps on being perceived quite distinctly as we keep on expanding and raising our individual consciousness on towards/with the collective consciousness and then humbly merging and emerging with its supreme consciousness’s pure divine essence as God’s light of being/life in all that was, is and will ever be ever sow gloriously/pure divine meritoriously.worthily; for the divine is about absolute pureness; about total c’om’pleteness; about wholeness; about abundance; about self fulfillment, about self realization, so during the practice of our meditative consciousness, our true nature.our trueself emerges and we become the observe with a far greater divine perception/vision that’s truly phenomenally wonderful, not just for what we perceive all around but more ingeniously also for its core divine “insightful wisdom’ of the realization of God’s divine graciousness enshrined within us as well as within all of God’s creations all around us that is so efficaciously perceptible; we are remarkably amazed by the incredible wealth of its ever gracious virtues/wisdom/worthiness that elucidates its art, its heart as well as enriching the soulful consciousness of our being one with the oneness of our bec’om’ing true us as/has itself; ever harmoniously united by the divine grace, the divine vision, the divine will and the divine wisdom that elevates our sense of reasoning, our sense of understanding and our pure divine essence of unfolding to the graceful symposium of our being the cosmos as the cosmos is being us by and within itself ever sow conscientiously, devotionally, meritoriously and pure divine worthily; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#GaneshChaturthi #Ganapati #Siddhivinayak In Divine Grace With Life’s M’om’ents

Expanding its Defined M’om’entum in Exalted Accordance, Conformance, Precisionality, Virtuousness and Worthiness width its Sacred Light’s Spaciousness


With the pure divine essence=shuddh bhavana of our pavitra shraddha=austere/cherished devotion; the cosmic synchronicity of its divine vision enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness/true nature’s virtues/wisdom’s vision ever graciously blossoms/unfolds;, ever sow pure divine worthily; Ganapati Bappa Moriya; Jai Maa Parvati, Jai Shiva Shankara Bhole Bhandari Parameshwara Tripurari Jagat Vidhata, Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand