#Harvey2017 May the Ocean Be Calm

Realize that God has Created the Oceans/Our Sacred Essence/All of Nature’s Creative Evolution To/True Reverentially Embody its Pristine Tattva’s=Elements/Principles/Values Cosmic Divine Graciousness’s Virtuousness “Stillness”


Let us earnestly make a pledge to/true fulfill our respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential towards/truewards the oceans/its inhabitants/organisms, oceanic plants+animals/mammals and all of life that dwelleth far beneath and beyond our perception, for we might have forgotten them, but God never forgets anyone including us.

This also humbly applies towards authentically, genuinely and legitimately being conservative towards how we recycle and avoid littering our oceans for if someone litters on where we dwell, we are immensely offended and when some of us contaminate the oceans with divergent toxic wastes as well as plastic bags/plastic bottles and so on and sow forth, we need to/true awaken and realize, what is it that we are doing? Why the pollution please?

Just because we have to liberty and no one is watching and just shrugging and stating, who cares and then taking the pretext that they did it and so will i? Well, like begets like, what we do, comes back to us in one way or another/at one time or another/in one form/instance or another, but every action comes back consequentially to/true seek firm accountability.

Let us realize that God created the universe on an fairly equitable basis, whereby we have been resourcefully endowed with priceless virtues, capabilities, resources, the amazing creative intelligence to/true realize and do/true something constructive/meaningful and responsible/worthy for us/for our oceans and for all of life, for as we are calm, so/sow are the oceans, for then as we fulfill our sacred pledges in an divinely ordained manner, whatever was will serendipitiously subside and submerge back instead of going on recurrently emerging and causing havoc in its wake, for how nature works and weaves its pathways, whether within us or all around us, no one can precisely predict and neither can anyone defy nature, for nature is the very integral divine essence which interconnects us with all of our being its life’s/its sacred light’s consciousness’s awareness, ever sow pure divine morally, meritoriously, nobly, prudently, virtuously and pure divine worthily; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand