Brain Dance? Its “Train Glance”, Aham Brahmasmi-Tat Tvam Asi; Intuitively Renewing the Core Essence of our Neurons Consciousness Right/Light True and Through


During the practice of our daily meditative consciousness consonant sequences, let thy austere insight unfold its sacred vistas of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s vision, whereby every cell, every neuron, every tissue, every vessel and so on and sow forth is remarkably permeated/suffused with its cosmic trans-formative evolutionary renaissance that will remain instilled; carefully understand.

Its “instilled” and never installed and the captioned title is “train glance’ and not “strain” glance, because there c’om’es a point when thy being appoints and at that precise juncture of the once in a lifetime of its “aham” – this is not to be confused with any fancy/eloquent verbiage such as the aha/or the hah hah or the wah wah or any such definitions; because the cosmic script that elucidates, convocates with its infinite equilibrium in such an unique manner that whereby every element of its sound of light is able to descriptively convocate the most succinct definitions of the divine visions of God’s graciousness that remains ensconced within the sacred/highest echelons of our pure divine consciousness ever sow pure divine worthily, which is “Aham Brahmasmi=Tat Tvam Asi”.

Its the humblest realization whereby the i am/thou art that is all attributing/convocating its pure divine essence to the privileged ever gracious symposium of our collective consciousness that’s forever yearning for a glimpse and meritorious advent towards its alignment with the pure divine supreme consciousness of the universe; each lifetime, it has been emerging/merging and then where the preliminary and intermediate process is evolving towards realization of our cosmic transcendence, somewhere/s’om’ehow, millions of souls get distracted by their delusional egoistical tendencies which start measuring? instead of treasuring; which starts bartering n bothering? instead of baar-baar ‘arth” yearning=the translational definition from the noble Hindi dialect regarding this above refers to its pure divine exemplification of our soul’s virtues/wisdom; meaning our soul knoweth its meaning, but then when our egoistical tendencies intervene, our soul thereby retracts back true where it belongs until a few centuries/epochs/eons further across, we in our soulful form will yet again reach the precise peripheral precipice and then be bestowed/endowed yet again with the due discretion/determination of making/taking the cardinal choice of realizing its core arth=its chorus’s meaningfulness of why we are being born/borne with the pure divine infinitude remaining submerged?

When/Vein will we emerge and align with the sacred essence of God’s pure divine nature’s consciousness awareness’s virtues/wisdom in proudly elucidating/extolling and humbly letting our soul sing its ever fabled song, that’s – thy will, my Lord, thy will, may thy will infinitely prevail, so be it, its being sow true its divine light as itself; and then c’om’ing back to the captioned title/topic, we will realize the constitutionality of our being is, was and will always be far more greater than just the c’om’pleteness of our brain/our neurons/our cells/our tissues and so on and sow forth, for we are the immanent/immaculate children of God’s pure divine graciousness; so when/vein we realize true/through the expanded capabilities of our higher consciousness’s elevation/raising to the pedestal of the divine light that’s enshrined within the sacred realms of our soulful consciousness’s echelons, we will thereby meritoriously attain the privileged distinction of being able to comprehend/grasp and further elucidate as well as convocate with all that was, is and will ever be as the humblest creations of God’s pure divine graciousness whose totality’s c’om’munion we were, are and will always be, true/through the auspices of its sacred light’s tattvas=principles=divine values ever sow pure divine meritoriously/worthily; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand