Cherish the Sacred Essence of Be’i’ng Our “True Nature’s” Rhythm Right/Light True and Through

≡Dus Mahavidya≡Ten Commandments, Elucidating the Pure Divine Graciousness of God’s Face≡Sri Lalita TripuraSundari≡

≡Ether, the Infinity of God’s Space≡Akasha≡Panch Mahabutas≡ Cherishing the Quintessence of the Universe’s Cosmic Evolutionary Infinitude’s Pristine Nature’s Vision/Wisdom≡

≡Fr’om’ God’s Face true thy Phase≡Fulfill thy Pure Divine Potential/Duties/Due ties, Ever Sow Pure Divine Meritoriously/Worthily≡
≡Do thou Realize the Creative Incredible Wealth of Prestigious Capabilities≡Endowments≡Faculties≡Cosm’i’c Intellectual Visions Enshrined within thy True Nature’s Consciousness Please?≡
≡The Cosmic ‘App’oint≡me(@)nt is Integrally Be’i’ng a Conscientious Partaker of the D’i’vine Image as/has We’re Humbly its Privileged? Its Not/Knot about Privileges Please; Since with the Divine Essence its “Humbly Cherished” Creat’i’onIndeed, No/Know the Essence of Cosmic Ordainment is/are “Meritoriously” Orientated as/has Well its Divine Goodwill≡
≡Intuitvely Reminiscing the Cosmic Tattvas=Principles=Values=Textures of God’s Face Radiantly Emerging fr’om’/with’i’n its Divine Phases Vision’s Envisioning True/Through Us/Thus≡
≡Humans/All of Creation-How did? Its “Vow Deed” thy Divine Essence Created its Sacred Face True/Through You, as/has Itself≡

The law of relativity exemplifies its pure divine essence of creation that echonates that without ether there would be no space at all.

Let there be light; the divine light lets us true be an part and path of its creative magnificence.

Let there be air, the sacred spacious air permits us to be an integral part and path of its ever expanding universe.

Let there be water, the austere oceans let us worthily be an instrumental part and path of their gracious ebb and flow rhythmically.

Let there be fire, the pristine heat element lets us create, experience and realize the sensitivity of nature’s energy within as well as all around us.

Let there be metal, the resilient metal element permits the harmonious passage of conductivities to interpolate and convert greater energies amazingly.

Let there be wood, the gentle wood element lets us realize that each and every element of nature has been aligned with methodical precision and functional consistency to operate with the dynamism of purity that emanates from within its core essence.

C’om’ing to the pivotal/salient point conscientiously evokes its sacredness of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness/virtues/wisdom’s infinitude true realize our pristine integrity; that we too=true like all other elements of nature are the pure divine essence of creation and have been presitgiously conferred and ordained with their divinely gracious and sanctified privilege’s shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality of evolution within each and every breath and consonance of our being ever sow pure divine meritoriously.

The ‘app’oint is that the cosmos, nature and the universe lets us graciously to be an integral part and path/partaker of its custodianship and regulatory affairs and processes; so then why don’t we likewise respect the covenants of creation and abide by and honor the divine essence of our creation in coming together to/true sustain the immaculate/immanent visions that belong to/true its universal c’om’munion, goodwill, harmony, ingenuity, intelligence, innovation, morality, meritoriousness, nobleness, orderliness, peace, progress, prosperity, purposefulness, virtuousness, welfare, wisdom ever sow graciously/gloriously/cosmic, global and universal legitimacy please;Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

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