Chinta or Chitta Shakti? SatChitAnanda! W’here’s Your Energy Please? Not Now, Later? Maybe Tomorrow? I’ll Get Back to You? Habits-Tendencies? Procrastination? Fill or Fulfill? Ever Flow or Over Flow? and So on and Sow forth…




Chinta refers to mental activity-in most contexts/instances, it actually becomes fraught with enormous/mysterious sets of anxieties; Chi refers to the integral universal life force energy;  Chitta to the ever gracious symposium of the states of consciousness; SatChitAnanda to Truth-Consciousness_bliss and the lotus crown jewel’s ever most precious reverential exalted pinnacle of the supreme divine infinitude’s cosmic evolutionary renaissance-“Shakti’, also respectfully referred to as Adi Shakti/Adi Para Shakti/Sri ShivaParameshwari which is the core divine essence of the sacred cosmic austere energies that were, is/are and will forever evolve in precise accordance/conformance with the goodwill of God’s will that embodies the pristine ordinance of all creative evolution to/true be conscientiously grateful to/true the roots they emanate fr’om’ rather than being distracted by the multitude sets of mysterious routes they keep embarking upon and leaving some half way while the weigh of the halves keeps on piling up and augmenting to such an extent that there is an overwhelming flow of incomplete agendas, assignments, duties, objectives, responsibilities, tasks, vocations and the most integral of all, our higher calling to/true our purposeful meritorious living ever sow pure divine meritoriously, divine virtues orientatedly and pure divine worthily.

Now coming to the core essence of it all; “a little bit” of that’s all might become and beat all that’s! The point/appointment is exemplifying the integral factor, that a little bit anything starts, its manageable, well within the purview of our awareness; but then as/has we allow/permit that “a little bit” to keep on ignorantly augmenting whereby there comes a stage that is literally/virtually-actually overwhelmingly dominates predominantly and we become kind of subscribed to that/those sets of “that little bit”ideology/mode/psychological process of being and living without actually evolving?

We need to/true be extremely mindful that whatever it is, wherever/in whatever capacity/designation we have been bestowed/endowed with to/true be well in charge to/true ensure the ever flow and not the overflow since whether its our health, whether its our wealth=well being and so on and sow forth, the point/appointment is – whether its whatever it was, is or may ever be; that “a”=”little bit” should not become intensified/amplified to such an extent that it determines the very essence of our being please;its so/sow much about the focus of our energy, where are we focusing our energy upon whether attentively, ignorantly or negligently; whatever it is will lead to its corresponding karma and we will either be conferred with awards or liabilities/penalties that will be in precise accordance/conformance with the essence of the deeds shuddh bhavana =pure divine intentionality=for nature knows us right/light true and through.

Let’s start the above sequence yet again, but leading to another aspect that possibly unfolds/results; “a little bit” of that’s all might be calm as well, now that is the good willed practice of daily early morning mediation as well as nurturing our divine natured virtues instead of being distracted by vices or sensationalization or errant sentimentalization; when did you actually give  at least ten minutes to/true yourself everyday please? When was the last you did that please? Being c’om’pletely/totally with your own self; your true nature? From bit to bytes, the analogical factor being implied with the modern age technological developments is seeking to make us realize that bit by bit could go on biting away/eroding? taking away far much more than we may ever be aware of; whereas with the bytes, we have the expanded memory/capabilities, so where computers are concerned, more bytes, more better; but where the pure divine essence of our being/beings is/are concerned, its th akasha tattva=calm pure ether that’s determining far much more that could actually lead us towards fulfilling our pure divine potential provided we establish a conscientious ekagratta=harmonious equilibrium – our disciplined devotional pure divine nature’a awareness consciousness’s vision’s infinite divine virtues orientated wisdom to/true prevail in all that we ever aspire/intend to attain/do/be; cherish the sacred essence of thy pure divine potential; kindly bring greater essence of “pure awareness” to/true all that’s unfolding/evolving in your life too/true, not just keeping tabs or keeping pace solely with the trends alone, for the more you authentically take care of yourself, the more yourself will genuinely contribute towards/true wards your ever gracious evolutionary growth in pure divine awareness and wisdom ever sow pure divine meritoriously, nobly, vigilantly wisely and worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand