#KarvaChauth Thy Oath of Karunamai Vardayani Vindhyavasini, Fulfill thy Pure Divine Potential’s Worthiest Visions Ever Sow Conscientiously/Devotionally/Efficaciously/Faithfully/Gloriously/Wisely


One of the translational definitions of Karuna integrally seeks true exemplify its epitome of Universal Oneness.

Mai/Dayani referring to the Goddess of Compassion; Var referring to Choicest Blessings; Vindhyavasini referring to the benevolent divine image of Goddess Durga while KarvaChauth to observance of the fast that is accentuating the essence of this/each day’s infinite eternal tattvas=principles/values; and where there’s Var-Choicest Blessings, its accompanied with its emulated Svar which intends to refer to the immaculate immanent shine that’s enshrined and emerges from the echelons of our soul divine nature’s pure awareness’s consciousness’s pristine vision.

Now, where does all of this lead to is principally invoking/evoking our conscientious awareness to/true awaken to the pure divine devotional consonance which has creatively etched /hand+heart+wisdom crafted each and every living being as the precious jewel/priceless masterpiece of God’s creative evolutionary nature.

To summarize the essence of what this humbly seeks to connote; its earnestly about cherishing the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness within as well as all around us, whereby we are reflecting the visions envisioned true/through us as our true nature itself; it all takes a lot/allot of hard/heart and wholehearted work/worth, whereby we must cultivate and harvest the irrigation of our soul’s landscapes by fulfilling our duties, our due ties and our pure divine potential in a noteworthy manner that is observing impeccable discipline in all that’s ever thought/sought with c’om’plete/total “pure awareness” ever sow pure divine meritoriously./wisely/worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#Womenintech The Divine Essence of Our Core Creative Evolutionary Nature’s Wisdom’s Infinite Visions Integrally Fulfills Us/Thus

Reverentially Empower the Sacred Light of God’s Pure Divine Virtues, Words, Wisdom and Pure Divine Worthiness Ever Sow Meritoriously True/Through the Auspices of thy Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Exalted Worship of Our Being’s/Life’s Devotion’s “True Nature”


Thy navel=svadhishthana/sacral chakra’s pristine energy zones divine essence knoweth its pure divine goodwill of its creative evolutionary nature’s growth’s awareness’s pure divine infinitude’s meritorious primordial objectives; ever sow pure divine conscientiously/worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

#Birth Its Not/Knot Just How You Were Born, But Integrally thy ‘Vow’el/’Vow’ill You Wear Birth’s Right/Light True & Through


Indeed, reverentially knowing how we were born leaves us forever with the amazing sense of pure cherished wonderfulness’s wisdom’s divine virtues regarding the divine gracious vision’s divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies that creates each and every living being.

However, there’s profoundly far much more than just glimpsing in sheer amazement, for we have each been bestowed/endowed with some of the most precious intellectual faculties ever known to humankind.

One of them inextricably exemplifies its cosmic umbilical chord that’s been sustaining us fr’om’ life time true its time’s live which includes the pristine passages between our transcendence of our pure divine consciousness’s primordial migrations of self realization making us awaken to the eavesdropping conversations of our soul’s consonance that keeps on reverberating its incredible grace in each and every stanza/verse convocated true/through the auspices of its divine light’s speech; where neither a word is spoken/uttered but privilegedly inscribed across/within the nodes of our sacral veins, which are very well/divine will comprehensible/interpretative  by all of the ever gracious symphony of its evolutionary nature’s divine symposium.

There sow much more that it each could keep on humbly elucidating/extolling and gloriously attributing the pure divine greatness/graciousness of God’s light/vision enshrine within our being with its essence of its humblest infinitude of utmost gratefulness poised true serve what we deserve as itself fr’om’ c’om’plete/total ‘pure awareness’ in all that was, is and will ever be.

Sow coming back to where the above started, let’s resume all over again to the captioned title’s emphasis please:-

Knowing how we were born is one sacred process where the conceptualization of each and every tattva=cell/element/neuron/principle/value sequentially aligns to/true fulfillingly perform its primordial pure divine potential’s c’om’mandments ever sow pure divine meritoriously, nobly, vigilantly, wisely and pure divine virtues orientatedly/worthily.

Let’s yet again come back to the above that was being intended to summarize and integrally draw its pristine attentiveness to/true its divya prana shakti’s visions=pure divine life force energies envisioning.

Knowing the primordial how of birth is humbly one sacred part/path of our being/life’s/immaculate incarnation’s pure divine infinitude’s evolutionary process; however glowing/sowing its vow that encapsulates its vowels as well as vow will’s will enable us to grasp and thereby embark onto/on true a more unique learning procedure altogether.

What it humbly seeks to evoke and invoke is to/true realize the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness whereby true/through its pure divine vision, we could be able to c’om’municate with the essence of the frequencies/the vibrations/the language of all of creation as itself; yes, that’s integrally because we are not just fascinated and exclaiming the transitional exclamatory prose’s of oh how to oh wow; but rather the transcendental acclamation of our soulful consciousness in intending to start in this very lifetime true start reciting the statement of its core vowels as well as choir of vow wills.

Its not and never ever about some fancy rhyming of words to draw attention but earnestly about the core values of our soul’s principles that have always yearned and keep yearning for us true realize its alphabets with our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness vision whereby each alphabet by itself would be far much more potentially intrinsic from within its ever expanding conscientious self that always seeks its pure conformance of reverential devoted disciplined adherence to the goodwill of God’s will that orchestrates all of the creative evolution of nature in all that was, is and will ever be as its ever proudest testament of meritorious th=ought’s/deeds=in’deed’!

First its beginning with the vowels of its vow will’s and then as we maturely discern between what we knew and renew the realization of our worth=our pure divine worthiness, we realize the greater instrumental purposefulness of why we were born and then onwards ardently strive to make and fulfill each and every m’om’ent true its fullest pure divine potential by being true to our calling of its higher purpose of the self realization of our true nature’s awareness consciousness’s divine virtue’s orientated vision’s wisdom ever sow pure divine meritoriously/vigilantly/wisely and pure divine worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand