Amitabh Bachchan, ShamitAbh-Fr’om’ its Sacred Grace Truest its Ever Preciously Priceless/Divine Virtues Wisdom’s Vision Envisioning; Bachpan Se Leke Ab Tak, Sat Vachan Hi Saat Vachchanon Ka Aadhar


The Sanskrit translation definition of Shamit refers to calm, disciplined, peaceful and likewise sets of cherished virtues orientated aspects/states and statements of being/evolving and Abh to Now=the Present Infinite M’om’ent.

Bachpan se leke ab tak when translated refers to from childhood till now and Sat vachchan hi saat vachan – in these contexts, it humbly seeks to exemplify the true promise to our seven oaths. We could go/grow on introspectively intuiting and reverentially glimpsing across the sacred echelons of our consciousness and there will be s’om’e of the most creatively magnificent evolutionary virtues that will distinctly emerge and enable us to facilitate the perception of our pristine pathways in an devotionally ordained manner that’s forever in conformance to the ethics of our true nature’s vision envisioning.

Coming back to the integral point of the captioned is intending to refer to the following; it is seeking to make us realize that the pure divine essence of our being/our live is to be calm=true bec’om’e; well, that’s not about the calmness that’s sought just like that, but the serene calmness that emanates/emerges from our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness which could then thereby facilitate a greater perception of what our being/what our life is intending for us to/true see right/light true and through as its ever worthiest immaculate/immanent gloriousness’s c’om’munion’s unison’s infinitude; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

Trikona Atmic, Taking Inventory of Our Soul? How C’om’e? Where Wear/Were You All the While/Will?

How about its Pure Universal Dimensional Consciousness’s Pristine Angles Reverential Exalted Due Worthiness Meritorious Primordial Intentionalities Please?54c539ba0e89497c412b0dbe9723cc3930d059174f07167288af0937e28dba51

Tri refers to three and Kona to angle and Atmic to the Soul; With all due/utmost reverential prostrations and humblest reverential gratitude towards the infinite creative evolutionary shakti’s=pure divine life force energies of the universe, the captioned title humbly seeks to evoke our conscientious pure divine nature’s awareness to/true realize that we have immaculately/immanently incarnated on/om earth true fulfill our duties, our due ties, our pure divine potential as well as our primordial agendas/objectives in austere/cherished reverential conformance to/true the pure divine ordinance of God’s commandments/tenets which exemplify the sacred essence of attaining self realization/experiencing our true nature whereby we could be able to further comprehend/grasp as well as note worthily contribute to the universe’s pristine evolution as its ever glorious nascent/incandescent luminescence that emanates fr’om’ the sacred echelons of our soulful consciousness pure divine orientated virtues infinitude’s pristine exalted visions envisioning.

Its not about venturing into expressing any glorious words or deviating from the integral essence of why this is being elucidated please for the gloriousness of our creative evolutionary is auspiciously commendable and far beyond our mere descriptions, meaning we seek words, whereas its infinitude’s exaltedness is treasured as the ever greatest wealthiest worthiness that ever was, is and will ever be; so instead of looking for praising or seeking attention appraise or do anything other than what’s our soulful purposefulness, lets focus with our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness towards realizing, what this is actually intending/indicating and encapsulating/engendering all along.

Well, its back to the captioned and although this humblest elucidation takes its humblest endeavor/initiative in seeking true comprehend, what its all about is, that our soulful consciousness is multidimensional in its constitutionality;  when we are born, we are/each and everyone of us is/are bestowed with the cosmic intelligence as well as pure divine vision along with the priceless wealth of s’om’e of the most magnificent faculties ever known to humankind; then, what are we doing? what have we done? and what do we intend true do with realization of the pure divine essence of our divine character/characteristics/tattvas/elements/principles/values and so on and sow forth please/

Are we just going on spending and expending or are we integrally growing onus expanding our higher consciousness truewards realizations of its immaculate/immanent dimensions that lay untapped? Its not a magical genie or some kind of mantric or scriptural recitations  or whatever it maybe that’s outwardly, for its emanating from the sacred echelons of our soulful consciousness and its insight us true itself; sow, then we have true relegate to/true its pure divine worthiest pedestal by expansion/by exalting our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s to/true that level of/whereby we could true/through the auspices of our sacred divine visions perceive and reverentially comprehend/grasp/interpret and duly strive to live a noteworthy life/being true its fullest pure divine potential in all pure divine legitimate/universal/worldly respectfulness; i could go on venturing as i am being inspired to through my pure divine intellect, but how about you and yours and all of us please? We have true participate c’om’pletely/totally and wholeheartedly in our being/lives as its ever graciously worthiest priceless virtues ever glorious souls; the point yet again c’om’es to/true the forefront is that are we chasing/pursuing others so/sow much so that we loose complete track of our very ownselves? That we feel lacking? That we feel a sense of emptiness? and likewise sets of only illusive/elusive contractions/distractions whereby we are diminishing and expending our precious energies in searching hear instead of here? and their instead of there? and beyond instead of beyou=being you true your nature/self? It could go on and on, yet again with all due respectfulness, let us first faithfully/honestly commence with the practice of our daily early morning mediation practice for a few minutes and ensuring everyday to express our prayer of gratitude before going to bed at night, upon waking up in the morning as well as before each and every grain and drop of water tat’s partaken; meaning accord the reverential gloriousness even to/true some of the most simplest of endowments for those are integrally our priceless treasures and will thereby cultivate our perspective in realization of the sacred essence of our moral values discipline evolutionary outlook that’s insight us true its multi dimensional infinitude’s envisioning as God’s light of being entrusted thus;  Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand