Cosmic Ocean, W’here’s thy Pure Awareness Please?


Merge/Emerging = Its about establishing an amicable accord/divine c’om’munion within the sanctity of the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness evokes our conscientious virtues visions awakening/realization from a mature standpoint of view.

Then, we do not just carried away with any and everything; but core-respond from the pristine realms of our integral tattva’s=elements=principles=values primordial as it were mean true be.

With many of us; in one lifetime, we envisage and expend our precious energies at many a time chasing elusive/illusive shadows/notions and information that does not contribute in any given way true our inner formation at all.

Well, its not about focusing on the flaws or discriminating, rather its humbly about the totality of converging and resourcefully investing instead of divesting away the focus of our energetic resolve.

On any given day, millions of people just stay adrift? Facing various aspects from an perpetual complaining mode and getting provoked and fascinated by innumerable distractions whereby at any given point in time, they don’t even realize what they’re actually doing? why they are doing what they are doing? where they intend to reach? what they intend to achieve/attain and so on and sow forth from a meritorious standpoint of view please.

Some want fame, others want riches, yet others seek the creative intelligence quotient and ambitiously persevere with an ever enthusiastic focused/passionate resolve and then the list could go on and on…..meaning with all due respect, the list could mean a lot to each and everyone so that’s why its being reverentially referred to, but the essence of our life is that the pure/the true wealth that’s the self realization of our true nature and our expanded consciousness, whereby we are able to fulfill our duties, our due ties and our pure divine potential/as well as other noteworthy primordial agendas/objectives in an purely disciplined, meritorious, prudent, vigilant, wise and worthiest manner is what’s far more essential.

We have been immaculately incarnated with sow many priceless intellectual faculties that remain untapped all our lifetime and then when its being afflicted? challenged? overwhelmed and likewise sets of confounding factors, that we race/rush and frantically seek to find solutions that could alleviate us of the respective maladies/diseases/situations, but where is the core resolution’s vision, for when something’s change, we then exchange back the determined resolve for being relaxed and yet again getting back to that habitual lifestyle with its contradictory deviations? and likewise sets of practices, but why please?

We have to realize that we have been divinely conformed upon birth true preserve the sanctity of the worthiest credentials of the pure divine essence of our being in all that we were, are and will ever be as our true nature’s pure divine consciousness’s immaculate vision that enshrines its divine light of being.

This could go on and on, but the essence of the c’om’plete process is humbly intending to realize and awaken true the pure divine consonance of our being; that we all/each and everyone of us have been conferred with the pure divine vision through which could exalt and attain the pinnacle of self realization of our pure divine worthiest potential and likewise sets/states of being/bec’om’ing, however it all needs to/true ensure that we are being ever meticulously conformant of our true nature’s purely disciplined regimen and it all takes enormous/tremendous meaningful initiatives, where we will have to cast aside any fancy illusive references and ensure that we are the divine esssence’s pure awareness true our nature awareness in all that we ever “be”/”be’i’ng”; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand

DISCLAIMER – Visuals Featured are Obviously Not Actual At All – They Are Imaginative Illustrations Only – Purely Referential and NOT Intended to Encourage or Suggest Any Particular Attributions/Contradictions/Deviations/Inferences Whatsoever!