So What Else? What/Worth Hails Sow!


Some individuals are extremely discontent? dissatisfied with what they already have and keep on mysteriously chasing illusive shadows for most of their lifetime?

Lets start again; they start exclaiming, so what else-anywhere-anything and whatever they face? The animation with all due respectfulness is intending to evoke/invoke the remarkable essence of the commendable initiatives of the social media in seeking to help build greater fulfilled societies/to enable each and every one of us true realize our/their greatest potential that’s completely/totally immersed within the core realms of our/their priceless tattvas/principles/values quotient and emerge far more brilliantly/creatively to fulfill our/their respective duties/roles in an impeccably disciplined and noteworthy manner.

But what’s actually happening is reverse since whatever words they come across they treat and keep on entreating them as just words without realizing the true essence of the worthiness embodied within each and every verse that’s integrally emanating from the soulful consciousness of another noble soul that seeks to ensure the “pure awareness” aspect is gracefully kindled and awakened in its fullest potentiality.

Thereby, they apparently keep overwhelmingly feeling that they are lacking? they are being deprived? they are missing something greater? more interesting? more trendy? and this gets amplified when they meet other likewise minded individuals who pitch in the dissonance? without even realizing that what’s always being sought is consonance, for until or unless each and everyone of us are truly in divine harmonious c’om’munion with our very own selves; until or unless we cherish our pure divine acceptance, then how could we ever expect anyone else or anything else to precisely reciprocate our respective initiatives please? Its a mirror effect that’s beaming back precisely what we emitted, so the – so what else? just reverses itself and comes back in an rearranged manner – they or for that matter some of us since i wrote we – say – else what so? Does that make any sensible meaningfulness please? Where is this leading to?

Why not – sow worth hails please! Meticulously striving to ensure that whatever we think, imagine, speak and intend to attain/achieve is c’om’pletely/totally embodying its sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom please.

Because this life with its precious m’om’ents yearns for each and everyone of us to cherish the pure divine essence of our being/of our true nature and to expand our consciousness whereby our expanded scope of interpretation/intelligence/understanding is “pure wisdom orientated” please.

There is another example, there are some youth who are forever complaining no matter what? They have all the opportunities but keep on getting bored with any and everything very quickly, whereby they are not able to concentrate and resourcefully harness the core essence of their intellectual capabilities; due to their boredom, they keep on venting instead of inventing; so in the expending of the energies, they are thereby creating a corridor of more likewise sets of energies/eventualities to keep gravitating towards them; they are good natured, but due to their racing instead of raising of their consciousness, they miss the biggest picture which is forever pouring ever graciously its pitcher full of priceless virtues/wisdom to those who are keenly observant and diligently pursuing their meritorious initiatives in an “noteworthy” manner; the essence being on  the worthiness aspect/element/tattva/principle/value/factor and so on and sow forth, that until or unless we realize the essence of each and every worth in our lives including the words, we will forever keep on exclaiming so much of the so what else whereby its sowing what else itself? Meaning, there is illusiveness/eluding of authentic/genuine/legitimate sets of responsibilities and at the very same time, there are some of us who ensure true sow worth hails; whatever they have, they cherish it with the very essence of their divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energy reverentially, meaning they worship all the universal elements within themselves as well as all around them not literally by bowing or prostrating but wisely by their “worthy consideration” they accord deservingly to/true each and every aspect/facet of their being/life ever worthiest pure divine noteworthily; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand