Jo’i’n? Its Integrally Exemplifying the Pure Divine Essence oft “Jo Aahe’i’n”! Fr’om’ Sindhi True its Siddhi, its Not Shadows; Its Knot-As Thou Shalt, Shalt Thou Has!


Indeed, its essentially about expanding/raising our consciousness and bringing greater tattvas-elements-principles-values of our “pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness” right/light into/in true everythink/everything that we might ever intend to/true do, light/right true and true ever sow pure divine meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily.

The translational definition from Sindhi dialect to English of the captioned – “Jo Aahe’i’n””humbly seeks to/true refer to “”That Which You Are” and here its primordially about the sacred essence of thy “True Self/True Nature”.

If joining/If attending/If merging and intending to/true emerge more better/more complete/more fulfilled, that will only ensure vein/when we are not just going about joining any and everything any and everywhere illusively/elusively please; whether it might be most mundane/simplest of tasks or the very most complicated/intricate sets of agendas, until or unless we devote the accentuated focus of our complete true self/the consonance of our true nature into/in true whatever it is that we are doing/truing with its c’om’pleteness/totality/wholeness of our true nature’s pure consciousness, there will always be a feeling like as if something’s missing? What that something intends true exemplify is thy “true self/true nature” respectively.

This also yearns for not just living elusively/illusively chasing fleeting shadows or living this ever gracious life as a shadow image of our very own authentic,genuine, legitimate and worthiest self please; Its not just rise and shine, but arise c’om’pletely what’s preciously enshrined within the sacred realms of thy pure divine nature’s “awareness” consciousness light/right true and through.

Why the light and why the right true and through is because light referring to the element of “divine awareness” and right true its “divine pureness/righteousness” please.

In Sindhi when we refer to Siddhi whose translational definition is Siddhi=True its Attainments, its always accompanied along with it the ever precious virtues of “Riddhi and Nava Niddhi”-Jai Maa Saraswathi Nava Durge Namo Namaha; the translational definition of Niddhi refers to/true the pure divine sacred treasures infinitude of/oft our ever gracious/gratuitously creative evolutionary nature’s “pure divine awareness”.

This has been proudly envisioned and taught since time immemorial true be the divine lamp of our sacred hearts wisdom/priceless virtues that is auspiciously sustained by our pure divine natures awareness, our pure divine benevolence, our pure divine calm passion, our pure divine c’om’passion, our pure divine character, our pure divine contentment, our pure divine conscientiousness, our pure divine courage,  our pure divine diligence/intelligence, our pure divine dignity, our pure divine discipline, our pure divine divinity, our pure divine faith, our pure divine forbearance, our pure divine foresight, our pure divine humility, our pure divine harmoniousness, our pure divine ideals, our pure divine joyfulness, our pure divine mindfulness,our pure divine meritoriousness, our pure divine morality, our pure divine nobility, our pure divine observancy, our pure divine patience, our pure divine piousness, our pure divine prudence, our pure divine purposefulness, our pure divine tattvas-principle-values, our pure divine respectfulness, our pure divine sincerity, our divine pure temperance, our pure divine trust,  our pure divine virtues, our pure divine vision, our pure divine will/goodwill, our pure divine union, our pure divine tenacity, our divine vigilance, our pure divine wisdom and so on and sow forth with the ever gracious contagion of our priceless pure divine virtues elements/faculties including at all given times our pure divine worthiness light/right true and through; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand