Live Mind/Head=Locutory/Elocutory? Enlivened Embodiment/Centre of Our Be’i’ng=Felt Sense/Fulfilled Essence’s Modicum! Its Not A’bout’ Mind Full of Space Versus Embodiment’s Fulfilling Grace Please

Indeed its Integrally All About the Pure Divine Harmonious Equilibrium’s Ekagratta=Pure Divine Oneness of Our C’om’plete/Total/Whole Being’s Evolutionary Nature’s Priceless Renaissance; Its Not About Part by Part, But Integrally Exemplifying “Path by Path/Pathways” all the Way Light/Right True and Through, Where its the Ever Gracious Consonance of our Pure Mindfulness/Our Pure DNA=Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness with its Cherished Wisdom of Priceless Virtues, Ever Sow Pure Divine Meritoriously, Vigilantly, Wisely and Worthily

To Put it in One of its Word’s Worthiness, its All about “Defining” Instead of Defying Please, for When We Define Our Perception Further Expands, and When We Defiantly Keep on Resolutely Orchestrating all That’s Against the Cosmic/Global/Universal/Worldly Goodwill, We are Isolating Our Very Ownself From the Pure Divine Essence of Our True Nature’s Wisdom Altogether, Awaken/Realize the Immaculate Beej=Seed of Your Priceless Tattva’s-Elements-Principles-Values Infinite Vision, Cherish/Fulfill thy Duties/Due Ties/Pure Divine Potential Ever Sow Pure Divine Meritoriously, Vigilantly, Wisely and Worthily


Most of us live in/fr’om’ our head while some of us ensure with c’om’plete/pure awareness true take into careful/respectful consideration and integral alignment of enlivening within the ever gracious symposium of our pure divine embodiment as well whose evolutionary infinitude’s vision’s envisioning is amazingly/remarkably far ahead.

My purpose for the captioned topic and these few words altogether humbly seeks to evoke our conscientious expanded consciousness’s awareness that resides/presides very most exaltedly/eloquently and utmost gracefully within the sacred realms of our true nature’s being.

The point is that when there might be so much running within our heads while sow match is reigning within our embodiment; meaning, that right fr’om’the very sacred immanent m’om’ent that we were immaculately conceptualizing/evolving by the pure divine grace of God’s goodwill; all along, it was the sacred essence of our embodiment, right/light fr’om’ lifetime true/through lifetimes, faithfully accompanying us; so relegating that posthumous pedestal of our embodiment is not just about gloriously elucidating and going on praising, but essentially about being harmoniously balanced-ekagratta-equanimous/equilibrium orientated evolutionary disciplined emancipative awareness nature/nurtured  towards each and every m’om’ent of our being/living/evolving; to simplify this, its not about out mind going somewhere else while our embodiment hails sum w’HERE’ hails! Meaning the pure divine essence of our embodiment seeks for us true live as well as enliven each and every m’om’ent of our be’i’ng as we were created true fulfill true/through the auspices of our meaningful/noteworthy and meritorious endeavors/initiatives its pure divine potential which exemplifies the glorious consonance of universal c’om’munion, goodwill, harmony, progress, prosperity and unanimous welfare.  Its the uniqueness of our pure awareness that cherishes our being, when we are fulfillingly evolving as one be’i’ng by realizing the integral samwad (samwad’s ranslation from Hindi to English refers to conversation) that’s growing on with us/thus c’om’pletely evolved and not just involved please; for with going on announcing/exclaiming that our minds our full and then ignoring the phenomenal spaciousness of pure divine graciousness of our pure divine embodiment’s expanded consciousness’s infinite wisdom’s priceless virtues transcendental good willed capacities/faculties, some of us are indirectly replenishing far much more simply because we believe that its our head that’s all? and mistakenly overlooking our pure divine embodiment which is the nearest/very most proximate conscientious sacred virtue’s priceless gift which is actually very much more far ahead and always keenly awaiting for us/thus true awaken true its pure divine potentiality’s essence that’s ensconced within the pure divine realms of our be’i’ng true us as/has itself.


With the collaboration of our pure mindfulness that’s emanating from the sacred realms of our mind accompanied with the pristine lotus orientated wisdom emerging from our embodiment, the very essence of whatever we perceive would be enabling/facilitating a more c’om’plete/total/whole fulfilling m’om’ent true its primordial m’om’entum; in a way? No not in a way, but inner vein/inner way, it would be precisely “be’i’ng” and not just living; meaning of course far beyond what could be put into words for the pure divine essence of our worthiness is not dependent upon words true elucidate its modicum which is fabulously interpreted by the pure divine essence of nature enshrined within as well as all around us ever sow pure divine meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiesly-its of course a conscientious consistent perseverance sets of constructive/meaningful endeavors and noble initiatives when worthiestly is being mentioned/reference for its quest-‘i’-on is being true/through us/as/has itself; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand