The Heart Lotus, Hridaya Kamalalaya Vishnu; Hide a Lot in Y/Our Hearts? Cosmic Wisdom Elucidates, Height Allot=Elevate/Expand/Raise Thy Sacred Heart’s Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness’s Wisdom’s Consciousness’s Infinite Vision’s Envisioning

Eternally Inspired by Lord Vishnu and His Ever Gracious Consort, Goddess Lakshmi



The translational definition of Hridaya refers to the Heart; while one of the translational definition’s of Vishnu refers to all pervading and Kamalalaya to Ever Blissful.

The core essence of the captioned title, these humble few words humbly seek to exemplify the integral resonance of our consonant focus at any given moment of our lives.

The point being that we have been sow very fortunately bestowed/endowed with our priceless intellectual faculties/our organs/our complete divine being that embodies/enshrines/ensconces and encapsulates the meticulous disciplined process of utmost devotion of “pure awareness”.

We might be allocating anything? anywhere? anyhow? and then we perceive the results that confront us when we strive to retrieve what we may have ignorantly cluttered and keep wading through enormous sets of aspects to identify and realign our agendas back on track; but when despite our very best endeavors, we are not able to find, we thereby augment our state of anxiety and keep on affecting ourselves quite consternatingly; all this actually precipitated gradually due to the habitual tendency of = we will see later = oh no, not now-tomorrow and that tomorrow never ever comes? since the procrastination attitude of going on postponing of what needed to be done many years ago, kept getting neglected? This is just a simple example; since it might be intending to refer to and exemplify the pivotal essence of various other aspects/facets of our being/lives and if we carefully/introspectively examine/scrutinize with utmost due diligence/prudence and the ever vigilant vision of our “pure awareness”, we will realize, that indeed, there was and there is a lot happening without us ever realizing at all? This could go on and on……… since with each of us, whether its our agendas, assignments, commitments, duties, objectives, responsibilities, researches, studies, tasks, vocations and so on and sow forth, yearning for us to/true realize that we just cannot keep on accumulating/intensifying and going on egoistically defying? instead of defining and appropriately channelizing what needs true be accorded its respective process of reciprocation-being emotionally intelligent and not getting carried away and provoked or thrown astray by certain sets of feelings? that we may have been going on? storing? staging? storaging? and likewise sets of illusive/delusional approaches? Just because no one is watching does not mean there is the one who knows is knot watching; every aspect and facet of our being is being witnessed by the divine grace of God and we have to/true thereby ensure that we treat/entreat ourselves/our being/our lives and each and every one/all living beings with a greater sense/essence of respectfulness, for until or unless we realize the pure divine worthiness of our being and all of God’s creations; its exemplifying the need for observance of the pure devotional disciplined regimen governing our being/all of the creative evolutionary renaissance of nature-it integrally means that we cannot just keep on vacillating and doing any and everything in any and every way without “pure awareness” please; for then regardless of whatever we may keep on trying, it will always keep on eluding us all the more-but why please? however, when we realize and earnestly untie the illusive not’s and strive true venture ahead with faithful acknowledgement of the ever precious Vishnu Granthi=the Sacred All Pervading Knot that interconnects all else that essentially needs true be connected with its meticulous degree of precise consistency, then we will come to terms with the commandments in a dignified manner, for all of creation truly deserves its noteworthy acknowledgement, whether its outside all around as well as inside/particularly insight-the ever precious pure divine insightful consciousness that enshrines its fabulous infinity of priceless wisdom of our pure divine worthiness, whose pinnacle will facilitate the amazing/remarkable perception of the distinctive simplicity yet precise ordainment of all of the creative evolution of nature within itself.Time and again, its not possible to describe or specify the various aspects, since there might be so many and sow very diversified that each individual might interpret in their own way, however when they awaken to the deepest realization that emanates from the sacred essence of their true nature, then they will realize the ever gracious/gloriousness of being life’s true light, right/light true and through apart from immersing/emerging with/in each and every m’om’ent very most note worthily.

All that it requires actually is appropriate allocating/allotment, whereby we are living in this present day/age-the modern times with its prioritized procedures that includes all the strategic planning and keeping absolute reasonable pace with the evolving trends.

To summarize the above and not go on deviating into examples orientation or describing any pros and cons since each and everyone of us know “by heart” that there is/are indeed somethings/some aspects of our lives that essentially require a faithful/honest approach without any illusion/delusion/pretensions whatsoever please; for ultimately its we ourselves who were/are and will remain solely liable; there is apart from the law of karma-the law of sowing and reaping and likewise sets of doctrines/tenets all being meticulously/precisely governed by very specific accountable/consequential parameters, principles, procedures/processes; values, tattvas, elements and so on and sow forth.

Meaning nothing just evolves without a legitimate reason; every aspect of creation bloss’om’s and attributes itself to a particular good willed conduct that emanates from its epicenter of its core immanence/immaculate conceptualization for which it was actually intended and emanated for its pure divine purposefulness acknowledgment/alignment/attunement//synchronization and likewise sets of parameters and mind you its not for those aspects/factors to attune themselves to our fancies/whims and egoistical tendencies but rather for us true discipline and devotionally lead our being/our lives in a noteworthy manner that will always make God feel proud of having created us; its not about religion, for its about you and only you and God, so whether you call God by any of the divine names, within thy sacred heart, God knows that its not about announcing or propagating anything other than attaining our self realization; of reciprocating the pure divine essence of God’s faith that empowers us to fulfill our duties/due ties/pure divine potential; ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, vigilantly and wisely; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi