We Should Consider Baring our Soul’s To/True/Through Nature………………….


Indeed, the pure divine essence of nature convocates with the pure divine essence of our soulful consciousness ever sow graciously; however the integral factor fr’om’ lifetime to/true/through lifetime remaining precisely the very identical status quo?

We are born and keep on amazingly evolving; fulfilling our respective duties, due ties and pure divine potential apart from earnestly attending towards our life’s purposeful living/highest calling/disciplines very most earnestly/faithfully.

Within all, the most salient aspect that remains incomplete is the closeness/the c’om’pleteness/the totality of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisd’om’s virtues visions envisioning potential that could conscientiously facilitate the perception of as well as realization of the pure divine essence of our soul as/has it was, is and will always remain – pristinely immaculate graciousness.

There might be questions emerging/raised and debated that whether this is something fantasized? just imaginary? or something alluding to controversial sensationalism or trying to gain media attention? or cause a stir or just aimlessly ruminating? and so on and sow forth;with all due respect, it is none of that and anything else that is anything else other than our shuddh bhavana=pure divine soulful consciousness potential’s immaculate intentionality; that’s it and if anything more, that is apparently going and growing in the remarkable realization of our pure divine graciousness, greatness, virtuousness, wisdom and worthiness along with other eavesdropping upon the cosmic convocations and most importantly, the essence of comprehending the purposefulness of our realizationship of each and every tattva-element-principle-virtue-value of the creative evolutionary consonance of the pure divine nature within as well as all around us and beyond us as well; well, well, well……. there might obviously be other aspects that we might be curious and inquisitive about and yearning but when the introspective sets of dialogues commence, the convocation would be purely one of our soulful consciousness accompanied along with the noble collective consciousness of millions of souls with the supreme consciousness that ever sow graciously confers us with the esteemed privilege of being able to “participate=be witnessing” the cascade of the cosmic retinue not just as a mere spectator observing the panoramic sets of our being/of all being’s and nature’s immaculately creative evolutionary magnificence, but far thus more than any words could ever describe, for what we perceive would be purely the envisioning as our soulful consciousness in precise methodical aligned conformance with the supreme consciousness’s ordinance sow  grants.

In order not to make this very long, the point is that when we let go of the angles/the sides and transcend across the hemispheres of the immaculate cosmic constellations dimensionalities; it would not be about any egoistical pride for there would be no ego involved, there would be purely our soulful evolution with its immaculate transcendental consonance taking place, whereby without going anywhere, we would be growing leaps and bounds with our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness and precisely comprehending at our soul/solar consciousness level the goodwill of God’s will.

We may achieve and strive to keep attaining and then announcing that we saw this, we experience that and far much more; but when we go/grow through baring our souls to/true/through the auspices of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness, then that would be far beyond recapitulation or reflection, it would be an exalted qualification that would not need for us to seek to announce or engage in any pronunciation or even deciphering for whatever is perceived at our soulful consciousness is out/ought of the pure divine goodwill of God’s graciousness which merits the very highest degree of absolutely c’om’plete/total respectfulness ever sow pure divine conscientiously, consonantly, meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily; all being as our soulful consciousness’s wisdom’s virtues visions envisioning potential knoweth and soweth; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi

After Earth, Where…………………………..?

Shiva Shakti Sanchalit Sambhavana Sarveshwara, Hari Om Namaha Shivaya



Every stem seeks its system; every pulse, its impulse; every union, its c’om’munion and so on and sow forth with utmost reverential consideration to each and every tattva-element-principle-value-virtue of the creative evolution of nature.

I will deliberately refrain from expounding and going on elaborating as well as abstain from citing/referencing or attributing any aspect to another facet/concept or even otherwise solely because each and everyone of us have true affectionately, ambitiously, conscientiously, consonantly, devotionally, diligently, disciplinedly, efficaciously, ethically, graciously, harmoniously, intelligently, justly, legitimately, meritoriously, morally, responsibly, prudently, sincerely, tenaciously, vigilantly, pure divine virtuously, wisely and worthily strive in absolute conformance to the pure divine ordinance of God’s divine graciousness enshrined within our soulful/solar consciousness=that’s the pure divine essence of our true nature’s vision/our pure divine vision which embodies, encapsulates, ensconces and enshrines some of the most amazing revelations ever known to humankind; its not about being tech savvy or boasting or even intending to be secretive or trying to only reserve and preserve selfishly any essential information from others; NO and Never at all, there is never any such intention that prevails at all; here its all about each and every one of us qualifying=yes qualification, meaning not about degrees or decrees or any prestigious milestones and announcements or titles or even likewise=its humbly about realizing fr’om’ the core emanating visions of our highest consciousness’s creative pure divine potential’s symposium of immaculate wisdom=what it is, that we have been born for? That we have been created/manifested-that we have incarnated? There is certainly a greater purposefulness associated with each and every living being and those who realize the instrumental purposefulness of their being/their lives, then apparently tend to experience a profound realization and perception of things-of all aspects as never before-actually almost as if, like ever before; they become proficiently adept at attending to pursuits that they never ever had any clues-notions-inkling’s or any designs-patterns-traces about; well how to define this, its like the maturity of that particular noble soul that proves their self worthiness of their cosmic credentials cognizance within their sacredest highest consciousness realms  which enshrines God’s pure divine graciousness’s infinitude is thereby ascended-elevated-raised far beyond; and then gradually and conformantly of course as their soulfulness perseveres true further embark onwards in fulfilling its respective duties, due ties and pure divine potential and thereby yet further qualifying in the realms of pure divine worthiness; yet further echelons of immaculate realization are beheld and like i mentioned above, i will not keep letting this to be elongated mainly because when we devotionally strive and experience the process ourselves-that immaculate self realization that we are not solely our bodies alone but far much more, its our pure divine embodiment that has always been at the forefront evoking our conscientious awareness true awaken true the “pure purposefulness of our being; of our living; of our evolutionary growth in its pure divine graciousness, greatness, virtuousness, wisdom and worthiness” respectively.

To summarize, i shall refocus on the captioned title and complete its partial answer since its other part will be revealed to each and everyone of us true/through the auspices of our soulful consciousness not only through the granthi=knot of our devotional disciplined practice of meditation alone but an ekagrata chitta=one pointedness attitude of harmoniously balancing each and every aspect/facet of our being/of our life/of our evolutionary renaissance true/through the auspices of the pure divine essence of the meticulous consistency of our pure divine nature’s awareness’s consciousness’s wisdom’s virtues vision’s envisioning potential’s pure mindfulness’s consonant c’om’munion………. and authentic, genuine, legitimate and practical/realistic  observance of likewise sets of disciplines of our true nature’s tenets.

Here is what i was intending to refer to – let’s start and continue (i deliberately also did not write or state conclude since our being, our life, our evolution is the ever gracious infinitude of God’s pure divine graciousness and when we cherish/realize the sacred essence of our pure divine self esteem, each and every tattva-element of our being’s consonance will ever gloriously bloss’om’) and of course so very much more that we qualify and prove/improve and keep improving ourselves ever sow pure divine worthily.

Yet again, here it is, since i am intending to write and keep going deeper into this but am reminded that there is a discipline true be observed and that discipline essentially is the qualification criteria; that each and every soul truly deserves its cosmic laurels and plaudits which all emanate fr’om’ the ever cherished/realize pure divine acceptance of the integral factor that always comes true the forefront seeking conformant validation-the qualification factor; some may wonder, what to qualify? Whose is monitoring/witnessing and so on and sow forth? Well the questioner is defeating their very purposefulness right in its inceptional stage, for their purpose is true realize the pure divine vision that’s ensuring within their higher consciousness’s realms and for that they have true qualify and the observer; the observant and the judge or shall we say the referee or shall we say the principal or shall we say the headmaster or shall we say the headmistress(please remember in the cosmic terms, there is no question of gender; its purely based on our title as noble souls with a moral purpose – no name but know aims and likewise sets of precise methodical sustainable processes that are actually not any processes but since if we try to eloquently phrase in the cosmic verbiage, it might sound quite different and may not be properly interpreted, so to avoid any confusion-its being straightforwardly stated, there is no question of gender but earnestly about engendering, about imbuing and embracing the sacred essence of our pure divine tattva’s principles values ever sow pure divine worthily); or shall we say the supreme…. and so on and sow forth at all given times with utmost/c’om’plete/total observance of the highest disciplinary orderliness of observance of what’s righteous in its pure divine essence as well as conformant to the respective laws, rules and regulations governing the cosmos, the universe, the world as well as all known/unknown constellations/galaxies that’s in unison with the pure divine graciousness of God’s pure divine wisdom.

And here it is; After Earth, Where…………………………..? The part’s path of the continual answer is=”Oft Our Worth………..Here………..; Yes, that’s why at any given m’om’ent, the essence of living in conformance with our pure divine nature’s “awareness” with “pure mindfulness” that’s in conformance with the disciplined ordinance of our life’s pristine disciplines is paramount.

The here, the present moment and the earnestness of the worthiness is far beyond description for when we qualify, then true/through the auspices of our qualified vision, the attainments that we accrue will keep on amazingly augmenting and further enhancing the scope of our being, of our lives, of our evolutionary growth in pure divine graciousness, greatness, virtuousness, wisdom and worthiness immaculately will continue true be some of the ever greatest priceless treasures that we could have ever attained/earned and continue true earn/yearn ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily/worthiestly; here the worthiestly is not just about the pinnacle or a summit where one reaches and then casts away the net of observance of meticulous discipline, but humbly an efficacious cosmic nudge true keep persevering towards the eternally infinite abundance of the pure divine worthiness of the cosmic pulse’s impulses ever sow consonantly…… for you are worth it, for we are worth it and so is all of God’s creations/creative evolutionary worth it as well; as we have the rights of the divine light to beam forth from within us, so-sow well does/thus each and every living being ever sow pure divine worthily/worthiestly…….. and as humbly mentioned this does not conclude here, it continues and will keep continuing in pristine/reverential pursuance of the cosmic pure divine worthiness which is an integral part/path of our ever glorious evolutionary growth in pure divine graciousness, greatness, virtuousness, wisdom and worthiness that amazingly/remarkably precipitates and consonantly resonates, its not about t”here”-it always ways about “here” that you/we/all of us will carry forth t”here”; for this m’om’ent contains all m’om’ents of all that ever was, is and will ever be and so are we and all of God’s creations ever sow graciously interconnected true/through the auspices of the divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana=pure divine life force energies breath’s c’om’munion’s virtues vision’s envisioning of your/our/of all of our pure divine worthiness ever sow pure divine worthiestly…..; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chandi