#NewYear Conscientiously Be H’ere’ as/has the Y’ears’ K’new’ness’s Consonance’s Immaculate Wisd’om’

Re’new’ing the Infinitude of our Being’s Immaculate Bloss’om’ing True/Through the Auspices of our Pure Awareness /Pure Graciousness/Pure Mindfulness/Pure Virtuousness …,,… and So On & Sow Forth Ever Sow Pure Divine C’om’passionately, Meritoriously and Worthiestly


Step in true the you here, as/has yours itself.

Whether here, t’here’, anyw’here’/everyw’here’; the authenticity of our pure awareness’s/pure mindfulness’s/pure graciousness and pure virtuousness’s credentials conscientiously/diligently/prudently/tenaciously/vigilantly/wisely and worthily strive true bring forth our greatest focus true our present m’om’ents essence most meant.

Its earnestly living in pure conformance with the exemplified ordinance of our natures exalted fulfillment. Whatever happened/is happening and will ever happen gains it’s core m’om’entum fr’om’ the roots oft its routes that explicitly determine how/vow we’ve faced the pre-sent moment of our lives since the past and future may elude and remain out/ought of our grasp altogether but the here of every moment of our lives yearns for us true be it/s here that authentically, conscientiously, genuinely, legitimately and promisingly as well as realistically are being c’om’pletely within its sp’here’ of totality awareness.

We may have the loftiest if agendas and posthumous goals as well as focused upon attaining prestigious milestone however t’here’ truly is nothing comparable true the joyfulness of being here true here’s being itself.

Regardless of how we consider and interpret the consonance of our life’s definiteness of purposefulness and keep getting carried away with more of what’s there? everywhere else’s other than what’s enshrined within our being right here where we truly are; then that would be depriving our very own selves the esteemed privilege of experiencing the ever gracious chapters of the cosmic providential encyclopaedia’s infinitude of our ekagrata chitta’s shuddh bhavana’s satchitananda vandana/one pointed consciousness’s immaculate pure divine intentionality.

Being here with our soulful consciousness exemplifies the providential consonance of reverentially honoring the disciplined meritoriousness of the very integral essence of our being for it demonstrates the core tattvas/elements/principles/values and virtues worthiness which we hold and fulfill with each and every breath of our divya prana shakti/divine life force energies primordial c’om’munions worthiness that resides/presides within the heart/arth:meaningfulness of every m’om’ent that ever was, is and will ever be us true itself ever sow very most pure divine worthiestly;

For at the heart of all that’s here continues it’s part/pathways  of all that’s ever going/growing true be t’here’; the essence of the pure awareness of the here/the present moment did not just fancily emerge to philosophically evoke our conscientious awareness just like that: there was/is and continues true be a greater agendas purposefulness for which we have sow very fortunately and privilegedly immaculate and apart from our daily practice of meditation and explicit observances of faithfully fulfilling our respective duties/due ties and pure divine potentialities; there’s more greater clarity of purposefulness brought forth towards due consideration of the highest degrees of respectfulness for our very own selves as well as each and every living being; ever sow c’om’passionately, meritoriously and pure divine worthiestly; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God  bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi