Lord Ganesha, Exemplifying the Brains/Consciousness’s/Siddhi’s=Exalted Virtues Divine/Good Willed Immaculate Characteristical Anat’om’y; The Ace, Mace & Space of Infinite Divine Grace; The Universal Brain, The Brain’s Evolutionary Universality C’om’munion…


With the pure divine essence of our immanent devotion, its sacred divine vision of our being ever graciously bloss’om’s/evolves; ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values orientatedly; nobly, vigilantly, virtuously, wisely and worthily; Jai Ganesh Deva, Jai Kartikeya Deva, Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

#Brains #Consciousness #News #Renew #Virtues Changing-Exchanging our Brains? No! Its, Range/Arrange In-Sequentially Orchestrate Each/Every Cell-Neuron True/Through Observance of Life’s Truest Disciplines Devotedly-Meditation Practices Fulfilling Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness, Graciousness, Mindfulness, Virtuousness……….


Indeed, we pick up a lot of what’s on the news; however, do/true we “renew-re-knew” what’s picking-packing-unpacking and so on and sow forth within the pure divine essence of our being as/has well in conformance with the pure divine ordinate goodwill of God’s will please?

We may achieve/attain and ascend how much ever-however there will c’om’e a point/time/phase and instances in our lives that we will intend true pause and retrospectively recapitulate; wonder what have we actually achieved in essence so far?

What has been lacking yet? Despite loftily proclaiming and standing on an elevated pedestal, the greatest ascension will not be able to facilitate even the merest transcendence for a single step when we are besieged with some malaise quite unexpectedly/unfortunately-is/was or will that be on an automated mode-the unwanted mode of events unfolding in contradiction to our well being please?

Of course not, none of us ever want to be dependent on anyone for even our barest of the most essential needs/requirements of being able to function healthily and have a sound state of mind and well being please; So/Sow well then, if so-could we take our journal and note down-prepare/make a honest fact sheet and mark down particularly what pivotal changes could saliently improve/transform and defensively/protectively enhance the scope of our being/lives here and well as hereafter on the other side…. for our primordial objectives have always been true attain self realization, but the retinue of certain distractions and of course impending commitments demand our attention which is fair enough – that we meritoriously tend/attend to our respective agendas/duties/due ties and likewise sets of factors with utmost due diligence, prudence, a greater sense/essence of pure authenticity/awareness/conscientiousness/diligence/faithfulness/genuineness/mindfulnessmoral principles-values orientatedness//graciousness/meritoriousness/tenaciousness/vigilance/wisdom and of course our pure divine potential’s worthiness infinite quotient of amazing/remarkably creative intelligence and unique vision/outlook of being able to/true perceive/see light/right true and through….

The point is why wait for the 11th hour and 59th minute, and race and keep on fervently rushing-with an intensified accelerated pace where were are scattering and praying and hoping and wishing and blessing and going on resonating all the goodwillingness – then? than? and how? Its like we want to live all our complete life in those few moments when we realize what we had been evading? illusively? elusively avoiding and neglecting? ignorantly accumulating malicious vices such as bitterness? envy? hatred? formenting jealousy? resentment and nurturing more and more of lack of self esteem? not believing ourselves? and likewise sets of negative tendencies? But why please?

When we know very well that life is not just a magic wand and that it is a purely disciplined and devotional process that requires absolute conformance true its pure divine disciplines at any given time-meaning we have got to attend to our worldly affairs which is alright, but if we do not – meaning if we do knot-the granthi-knot of pure divine “worthiness” to our wordiness/worldliness and likewise…. then the complete pure divine essence of our being’s consonance will ever sow gloriously convocate/elucidate its ever glorious harmonious symphony’s exalted c’om’munion ever sow victoriously that then onwards, we will not have to worry and be carried away with our brains or any part/path/cell/neuron…….. of our being; we will ever pure divine graciously profess our pure divine self acceptance in all that was, is and will ever be by aligning-attuning ourselves true life’s divine light ever sow pure divine/defined affectionately-remember the defined is being referenced here purely from the perspective/point of view of precisionality-the primordial authentic, genuine, legitimate and meritorious potentials methodical precisionality as our soulful consciousness’s wisd’om”s virtunes knoweth…; ever sow pure divine benevolently, conscientiously, devotionally, disciplinedly, efficaciously, faithfully, lovingly-its the pure divine love that emanates from the heart of our sacred mind as/has well as its pure divinely defined belovedness that emerges fr’om’ its pure divine mindfulness’s sacred heart; our pure divine graciousness/reatness/meritoriousness, moral principles/values orientatedness; our pure divine radiance, vigilance, virtuousness, wisd’om’ and pure divine infinite worthiestness; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chan