#GuruNanak Har Sans ke Ehsaas Mein Rehras Hain; Every Breath Within Itself Elucidates the Pure Divine Symphony of God’s Infinite Graciousness/Gloriousness


Cherish/Realize the sacred essence of thy pure divine nature’s awareness conscousness ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, vigilantly. wisely and worthily; Dhan Guru Nanak, Saara Jagat Taariyaa; Wahe Guru Nanak; Sara Jagat Pyariya; Satnam WaheGuruji, Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Enter thy Divine Light; En-light thy Andar/Antar/Nirantar… Cherish/Realize the Perpetual Infinitude of thy Pure Divine Worthiness; Immersing/Emerging With/in the Science of our Pure Divine Evolutionary’s Consciousness’s Prescient Infinitude Vision’s Exalted Worthiest/Worthiness’s Envisioning Potential……


Andar/Antar in the captioned contexts humbly seeks true refer to the pure divine sacred echelons of our higher consciousness that’s immaculately enshrined within us/each and every living being.

Nirantar refers to eternal/infinite/perpetual; the pure divine essence of our param tattvas=primordial core elements/principles/values/virtues.. ..so on and sow forth/likewise orientated ever precious endowment that we embody within our soulful consciousness exemplifies its pure divine graciousness wisd’om’s exalted visions envisioning encapsulated with/in each and ever y divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana’s anant ekagrata chitti sampoorna bhavan”i” polarity/dimensionality/sequentiality-our pure divine life force breaths/energies sacredest pure divine potential of each and every pulse/impulse/union/c’om’munion’s consonantly harmonious nature’s noble convocation/elucidation true/through myriad forms-whether true/through the auspices of the divine light insight or even its divine sight en-light-the perception/the glimpses/the pristine realization of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness reads/leads us light/right true and through a greater understanding of the precise evolutionary rhythm-real theme’s orientation of/oft which we=each and every being is a noble part/path unto itself; its not about some illusive/mysterious advent elusively wandering any and everyw’here’, but integrally an explicit matter of being/living/consonating/echonating/resonating and evolving in precise accordance/conformance with the pure divine ordinance of being absolutely present to/true/through each and every m’om’ent as/has itself’s prescient infinitude.

Its not about going around announcing or egoistically/haughtily amplifying or any such matter that merely boasts of what one is not cognizant with true its essence; rather, its more integrally about not going here, there or anywhere; instead it is earnestly about meritoriously “growing” with./in the pure divine nature’s awareness of our being; the pure divine meritoriousness of our being; the pure divine graciousness of our being; the pure divine virtuousness of our being and likewise/so on and sow forth……that is/are moral principles/values orientated and whether its mind you or mind me-the exponential criteria of our higher/soulful consciousness knoweth very well light/right true and through as/has to/true what we are precisely eligible for-which means, nothing that is more or less will be unveiled/revealed/grasped/glimpsed/realized/attained….. achieved/transcended….. call it/term it whatever …. but until its pure divine essence’s definition determines that we have pristinely qualified and are sacredly worthy-having duly fulfilled our primordial/wordly=that are worthy/worthiest duties/due ties and pure divine potential along with observance of our pure divine nature’s/being’s/life’s disciplines true their fullest potentialities…. meaning that we will not know its meaning until or unless we are absolutely worthy true our worthiestness – whereby fr’om’ that pedestal we will be able to further perceive that exalted plateau of ever gracious eminence that’s not a journey or sojourn, but an perpetual infinite “state of being”-do we realize the immaculate nourishment that was provided to us during the sacred period that we were being born/borne-ever divinely conceptualized n the womb of our Pure Divine Mother as well as Pure Divine Mother Nature…. that immaculate “state of being” forever remains an cherished awakening/realization which will precisely unfold/unveil and enable/facilitate a glimpse as well as infinite consonance of the pure divine wealthiness of all of the priceless endowments that we have so very fortunately been endowed with; the point being, that how pure divine devotionally disciplined are we not just a matter of twisting words-but trusting worthiness=yes, its not about online that we might spend most of our lifetime; but “align” that we “light=pure divine enlight-en”-the alignment with realization of the greater purposefulness of our being/of our lives; indeed, we all need to earn a meritorious living that’s conformant to a dignified code of pure divine observance of the immaculate energies that have created us/thus for its proper soulful irrigation that emanates from with the sacred essence of our pure divine nature’s “awareness” consciousness’s immanent virtue’s exalted vision’s infinite envisioning potential and not just mere egoistical propagation please – since my writing here also is not about religion or faith or any other aspect/factor, but purely about the irrigation of the pure divine landscapes/horizons=of/oft awakening true our nature/true our very real self; we may keep on deferring and postponing some of the most covetous/contentious and prioritized worthiest aspects/factors of our lives in order to chase some fleeting mirages that which when elude us will not provide us a se’cond’ chance/opportunity at many a time; that’s why, whatever is done, do not let it just be a tonne/tonnage-rather let its will-its goodwill/pure divine good willingness be done true/through you/though as/has itself.’

Its not at all about some fancy grammatical and unique phrasing of words please; rather its integrally about the immaculate worthiness-the pure divine graciousness of our being which yearns for each and every one of us to/true contribute towards a greater/ever gracious and harmonious world/universe; so/sow that every m’om’ent of our being/lives will become a pure divine symphony of the most prestigious conferments of its pure divine worthiness’s infinite graciousness that transcends any known milestone/posthumous awards ever known to humankind for time and again, our “pure divine worthiness” is what we are already, however in order to realize it, we have true strive true realize the greater purposefulness of our being/of our lives/of our pure divine light insight/of our true nature-true self/of our cosmic intelligence’s wisd’om’ that encapsulated its sacred infinite virtues of the pure divine graciousness of God’s divine light insight/en-light…. well, this could keep going on, but time and again, its not about going on, its about each and every one of us growing in its pure divine graciousness worthiness enshrined within us/thus and thereby glowing on/onwards/on worthy=pure divine meritorious worthiness as/has itself true us/thus.

When we realize the sacred essence of our pure divine aura-then its aur aaa; tere bitar, kainaat/kayanaat samayaa hua hain;the translational definition exemplifies that the worthiest gloriousness of the pure divine graciousness of the universe remains ever worthily enshrined within each and every living being’s true nature/true self ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, radiantly, tenaciously (the immaculate tenacity that’s conformant/pure divine moral+pure divine noble principles-values=virtues orientated), vigilantly, wisely and worthy/worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi